The three most extreme zodiac signs, according to astrologers

While some prefer monochromatic furniture and simple 10-piece capsule wardrobes, the minimalists of the zodiac prefer a "more is more" lifestyle. They are attracted to bright colors, loud patterns and shaky objects.

According to astrologer Stina Garbis, there are several reasons why certain zodiac signs end up being extremists. For many people, this is due to their super-sensible nature.

For example, when they try on clothes at a thrift store, they may have a hard time putting anything back on the shelf because each item feels unique and just the way it is. These people come home with dozens of travel souvenirs because they want an item to represent each memory. They can't fathom the idea of ​​clearing space or getting rid of anything. As a result, they end up living a life that’s unstructured, disorganized, and a little messy—in the best way possible.

The rulers of other signs make it easy for them to fall in love with art and fashion, which often means they appreciate the act of collecting interesting items for their home or wardrobe. These signs love shopping and collecting, and they never shy away from wearing everything at the same time to create a unique look.

According to astrologers, the following three zodiac signs are OTT maximalists in every aspect.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

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When a Gemini's desk is too tidy or uncluttered, they can't function properly. According to Gabis, they are happiest when surrounded by piles of papers, half-empty coffee cups and assorted open books. As an air sign, they need to keep things a little cluttered in order to feel creative.

Instead of carrying around one streamlined planner, Geminis will carry around 10 different notebooks at any given time. Their cars were also filled with clothes and snacks, as were their bags and pockets. While others may view their lives as chaotic or disorganized, they feel right at home in the chaos.

The minimalist lifestyle also extends to their personal style. Gemini's closets are always overflowing, but they still scour sample sales, antique racks, and second-hand websites for more. Their mission? Create the ultimate wardrobe that reflects your unique style.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

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When you walk into a Cancer home, you will be greeted by walls full of knick-knacks and shelves filled with collectibles. "Cancer always has the upper hand when it comes to liking a cluttered place filled with trinkets," Garbis says.

This water sign loves minimalist design. Think quirky wallpaper, quirky antiques and vintage paintings – especially if they come in mismatched frames. "Cancer is the kind of person who has a treasured spoon collection or a stack of keepsake plates," she said. They have no plans to clean up the clutter anytime soon. “Cancer is a crab with big claws that likes to grab onto things and never let go.”

That's why this logo has an OTT wardrobe. They love going to thrift stores and garage sales to find jewelry and accessories, all of which they end up wearing at the same time. For Cancer, there are no such things as style rules or conflict patterns.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

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You can think of Aquarius as the quirky aunt of the zodiac because of their bright, eclectic style. Instead of pastel tones, they went for color and mismatched prints. They don't believe in Coco Chanel's famous rule of taking off one thing before going out; instead, they like to wear 10 things.

"Aquarius is always creating trends and inventing new ideas that end up catching on like wildfire," Garbis says. "Since Uranus is a fashion forward, they are both artists at heart."

This air sign is also known for carrying around a bag full of Mary Poppins style. They don't feel complete unless they have all their worldly possessions slung over their shoulders, including makeup, lotions, perfume, and old receipts—and as a minimalist, they wouldn't have it any other way.


Stina Garbis, astrologer