These two signs can rest easy during the June new moon

New beginnings are as abundant as spring flowers, and June kicks off with a beautiful new moon in Gemini. This refreshing full moon peaks on the morning of June 6, bringing all signs into contact with the curious and open energy of Gemini season that's already swirling through the universe. June's New Moon has the power to bring about some big and bright new beginnings, depending on your chart - but for some signs, things may feel relatively cold.

As many as five planets will be in Gemini at the new moon, emphasizing the themes of Gemini: clear communication, curiosity, and an open mind. The quick-thinking and curious influence of this fickle air sign at the new moon can inspire you to start opening yourself up to new conversations and social connections, and keep your antennae up for any useful information that might fly your way. Gemini is the sign of information, so there is great potential to discover new things that can set you on an exciting path.

Because the new moon's distance from Venus, the planet of love, is at its peak, this is also an especially ripe time to start a relationship over again - whether that means pursuing someone new or starting a new chapter in a current partnership. Unfortunately, the new moon and Venus will clash with tough love planet Saturn, which may make these new beginnings a little more slow and frustrating than usual—but for some lucky signs, it won't be too difficult. to deal with.

Cardinal signs may find the New Moon in Gemini passing by quietly, but Cancer and Capricorn may have the most laid-back lunar experience this time around. If you're one of the zodiac signs least affected by the June new moon, read on.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

There is a lot of intense Gemini energy ruling the universe right now, but it may not have a very noticeable effect on you. In fact, you may be more interested in retreating into the safety and solitude of your Cancer shell than starting any major new projects or chasing big goals. While the general vibe of Gemini is outgoing and social, for you, this lunar energy is better suited to delving into your inner world and trying to connect with your subconscious.

While it may feel like not much is changing externally, have faith that new pathways and connections are being made on a soul level. Following a guided meditation to calm your mind or pouring out your feelings in a journal is a great way to clear some of the mental and emotional clutter so you can better hear whatever spiritual calling is coming to you right now. You may also want to get more rest and spend some extra time exploring the symbolic messages hidden in your dreams.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

The busy energy of Gemini season has you moving from one life obligation and work task to the next, so this new moon could be a productive time to start updating your to-do list or modifying your schedule for a wider things to make room for. Various projects. Because it rises in the part of your chart that rules your health and habits, you may also be inspired to start a new healthy habit or otherwise add something new to your daily rhythm to support you. of overall health.

While the influence of this new moon will certainly have you multitasking and finding ways to make your daily routine run more smoothly, you may find that it's not as emotional or dramatic as some new moons. yes. Stern planet Saturn happens to be your cosmic ruler, so its influence on the current cosmic weather may not be as challenging for you as it is for other signs. Keep your head down and take things seriously is your way, and you'll know exactly how to respond to the lunar moment.