The luckiest moon of 2024 is coming, but it'll bring 3 signs

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about before the new moon in Taurus, you're probably one of the zodiac signs listed below. While this lunar phase is considered one of the luckiest of the year, it doesn't spread wealth evenly across the zodiac.

According to astrologer Amy Philbin, the new moon is always an ideal time to plant seeds for the future. When the new moon in Taurus arrives on Tuesday, May 7 at 11:22 pm ET, she recommends setting intentions and making plans that will help bring about good things for you, whether it's in your relationships, Friendship or career.

On this day, other celestial bodies will align to create super energy. "With Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the orbit of the new moon, it can bring unexpected good fortune and abundance," she tells Bustle. “This will be an excellent time to make new progress, take action that is consistent and purposeful, and do it in a way that supports our long-term goals.”

For some signs, it's time to take big, bold action, but for others, this alignment won't be as powerful or auspicious—and it might feel just like any other Tuesday. Read on below to learn about the three zodiac signs that will be least affected by the new moon on May 7, according to astrologers.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

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May’s new moon in Taurus won’t bring you radical realizations or big moments of clarity, but rather a slow and steady energy—much like the earth sign itself. "The Taurus New Moon occurs in Gemini's twelfth house of the unconscious, bringing a subtle shift in subconscious perspective and a period of rest and reflection," Philbin says.

Today is a good day to rip a page out of the Taurus handbook and stay in it. This may be difficult—you are an extroverted air sign, after all—but trust that alone time will do you good. This new moon will remind you that it's okay to lay low and that the occasional night can actually feel good.

That said, you can still set intentions and water your proverbial seeds, especially since lucky Jupiter will enter your sign on May 25, says Philbin. When you start having breakthroughs, insights, and inspiration at the end of the month, you'll be grateful you took a break.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

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May's new moon won't be particularly noticeable to Sagittarius people around the world, but if you want to celebrate or draw on its energy, you can reevaluate your daily life.

According to Philbin, the new moon occurs in your sixth house of daily habits, so analyzing your habits to see what works for you and what doesn't may be the right thing to do. Consider what time you wake up, how many hours you work each day, and how often you see friends. Will this routine lead to happiness and success? Or is it exhausting and weighing you down?

During this new moon, she says, you can start a fresh process by letting go of old habits and starting new habits that support your long-term well-being and your next cycle of growth. Remember, it’s the little things you do every day that ultimately make up your life, so choose your routine wisely.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

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Pisces is another sign that won't experience any major upheaval on May 7, but that doesn't mean all is calm for your sign. Philbin says this moon phase occurs in your third house of communication, so you may feel the need to speak or network.

"In the long term, [this new moon] can lead to partnerships, like dreamy podcast collaborations, and there may be a sense of ease in bringing your vision to life," she says. If you've been itching to work on a project like this, you should set goals and intentions now and envision them coming to fruition in the future.

It'll be a while before you see any real progress, though. "When Saturn is in your sign, you may feel limited in your direction and performance may be delayed," she says. While your ideas may not take off this month, it's still a good time to gather information and plan for the future so that you're ready when the planet leaves you.


Amy Philbin, astrologer