TikTok’s “uncanny valley” makeup looks are perfect for these 8 occasions

BeautyTok has tons of ways to look gorgeous. We've seen the strawberry girl makeup trend, with pink cheeks and highlighted freckles, as well as ballerina, which is all about looking like a pretty ballerina. It's cute - but it's time we made some changes.

Enter: the uncanny valley makeup trend. You don't want rosy cheeks, glossy lips, and long eyelashes, you want inhuman-looking eyeballs, a nose that's not quite right, and a mouth that looks like it doesn't actually know how to speak. (Hey, Siri? Play "Brutus" by The Buttress.)

The uncanny valley is a phenomenon in which something (usually a robot) looks almost human, but not quite. When facial features and movements are slightly off, it creates a sense of fear and unease that cannot be pinpointed. Think creepy CGI animation, a humanoid robot named Sophia, and every cat in Cats .

When you're in the mood to stand in a dark alley wearing a top hat, or when you want to stroll down the street looking like you just downloaded your first walking program, this look is easy to replicate with makeup. But that's not the only time this trend has changed. Continue reading below for eight other perfect uncanny valley makeup occasions.

1. When you want club space

Sometimes a girls night is all about bonding. Other times, you just want a fun solo moment in the middle of the dance floor. When the latter becomes the vibe, get ready for the night by applying vertical black eyeshadow and your best silicone-like lipstick, then paint the town red. If someone dares to approach you in the club, slowly turn towards them, show off your uncanny valley aesthetic - they will disappear.

2. When you want to stand weirdly in the doorway


If there's one good thing about this makeup trend, it's the eerie stares around doorways. To truly complete the look, all you need are glassy doll-like eyes and a smear of powder on your forehead that barely conceals the array of working mechanisms underneath. Turn off the lights, stand in the hallway, and glance at your loved one at a 45-degree angle. They'll love it.

3. When you want to scare your ex away

Gone are the days of dressing up to go to the grocery store just because you might run into your ex. Of course, it would be nice if you both reached for an apple at the same time and they suddenly realized you were more beautiful than before and begged you to come back. But it's a lot more fun to stand at the end of the cereal aisle, under a flickering lightbulb, applying fresh uncanny valley makeup. One look and the Target store is yours, baby.

4. When you need to show your sleep paralysis demon who’s boss

Has your sleep paralysis demon gone too far lately? Standing in the corner of your bedroom at night, wearing uncanny valley makeup, flipping the script. When they sneak up to the foot of your bed, subtly clear their throat to get their attention. When their hellish forms turn to see what's there, they get scared when they see your round, half-dead eyes. Think about payback time.

5. When you walk alone at night


The internet is full of helpful tips for getting home safely after a night out. To prevent others from getting close, TikTok suggests you try running home from the bar so no one can disturb you. It might work, but it will take some effort. If you're feeling more understated, just put on your uncanny valley makeup and walk at your own pace.

6. When you feel nervous before a big presentation

It’s recommended to spend five minutes doing a power pose before a big meeting so you feel confident and in control. To accentuate it even more, remember to wear your uncanny valley makeup. After all, bots are known to be smart, so everyone will automatically believe everything you say.

7. When you want a kitchen of your own


There's nothing worse than sharing a kitchen with roommates, especially if you're suffering from kitchen anxiety. Sometimes you just want to cook without an audience watching your every move, but they don't always understand that. In addition to asking them for a little space, slowly standing up from behind the counter with a smear of uncanny valley makeup on your face might help. Trust me – it works every time.

8. When Aunt Janet has ~questions~ about your life

Every holiday comes with a bunch of inquiring relatives, like Aunt Janet, who always asks too many questions about your personal life. If you doubt you'll be sitting next to her, be sure to show up in uncanny valley makeup. Then, to get over the embarrassment, reach for the mashed potatoes, slowly turn your head to the side, and ask her if she wants mashed potatoes. This is what humans do.