3 manifestation rituals to try during the May Full Moon

Full Moons are the climax of the monthly lunar cycle, making them powerful times to let go of things that no longer serve you. This is why the Full Moon is such a popular cosmic occasion for manifestation rituals. The May 2024 Full Moon is also known as the Flower Moon, and this lush new moon rising in free-spirited Sagittarius on May 23 will bring some optimism to your goals and open up your Ready for new adventures.

Sagittarius is a fickle fire sign that likes to take risks and set its sights on distant horizons, so this lunar energy is great for breaking out of your comfort zone, taking leaps of faith, and embracing new perspectives . When it comes to performance, look at your surroundings with fresh eyes, as you're bound to see some opportunities that you may have overlooked before. The Full Moon in May will help you shed outdated beliefs that you may have subscribed to without realizing it, as these beliefs can shape the way you see the world and perceive your limits, thereby holding you back from reaching your highest realms. Potential.

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This flower moon also reminds you that the most beautiful flowers have deep roots - because this new moon is receiving an inspiring push from underground planet Pluto, which may catalyze some deep emotional digging. Additionally, benefic planets Venus and Jupiter join forces on the same day as the full moon, bringing abundant luck, opportunity, and magic to love and relationships.

If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side and use May's full moon to express purpose, here are some simple rituals and activities to try that will give your intentions a powerful boost.

Eliminate your limiting beliefs

The Full Moon rises in fire sign Sagittarius, so harnessing the power of fire can help heat up your performances and send them out into the universe. Light a candle to signal the beginning of the ceremony, then grab some small pieces of paper. On each piece of paper, write down something you fear or want that feels beyond your capabilities. Dig deep and be honest!

Once that's done, it's time to banish those fears and limiting beliefs and replace them with some optimistic beliefs to mark this blessed lunar moment. Grab small pieces of paper one by one and say a sentence out loud, acknowledging that the opposite possibility may be true. For example, if you wrote "I'm afraid I'll never get that promotion I've been working towards," you would now say "I'm going to get that promotion I've been working towards, or something even better." These are your full moons. Spell! Write each piece of paper in a notebook, then place the smaller pieces in a fireproof tray and burn them safely, symbolically removing these limiting narratives and making room for hope.

Making Full Moon Flower Essence

Flower essences infuse water with the subtle energy-healing magic of different flowers. These gentle elixirs can be sprayed around a room, added to a mystical bath, or used in future moon rituals. Since this is the annual Flower Moon, this is the perfect time to make your own and incorporate it into your full moon intentions.

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While making traditional flower essences requires more steps, you can make a simplified version using spring water, some brandy or glycerin, and flowers of your choice. Fill a large bowl with some spring water and add the buds of the flower of your choice. Roses symbolize love and compassion, jasmine is great for seduction and romance, and geraniums are great for releasing pent-up feelings and having faith, just to name a few. Take the bowl outside and spend a few minutes thinking about your intentions for this full moon, imagining these manifestations melting into the water. Leave the bowl alone for a few hours during the day or night during the full moon. Once done, strain out the flowers and fill the bottle with the remaining water. Fill the other half of the bottle with brandy or glycerin to act as a preservative, then use your flower essences to remind you of your intentions.

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Show your dream girl

With amorous Venus and lucky Jupiter forming a romantic conjunction on the same day as the full moon, this is the perfect time for those looking for love to realize their dream partner. Put all your favorite love songs on an intoxicating playlist, light a sexy candle, and make a list of all the qualities you want in an ideal relationship or lover. Rather than focusing your intentions on the person you desire, think in more general terms—like how you want them to make you feel, physical qualities you like, and other characteristics you find attractive. The current astrology brings luck in love, so you never know when you'll meet your perfect partner.

If you're already in a relationship, this might be a great time to connect with your current partner and have some shared moments. List common goals for your relationship and discuss how you can support each other as you pursue your personal goals. It's a date night and a moon ceremony, rolled into one.