Your astrological predictions for June

The final weeks of spring have arrived, and as spring comes to a close, the busy bee energy of Gemini season has everyone scrambling from one social event to the next. But as the summer solstice approaches, the June 2024 astrology indicates that some tides are about to turn. You need to prepare for the major astrological events of the month.

The first few weeks of this month are the bulk of Gemini season, and with lucky Jupiter just entering Gemini in late May, this curious and quick-thinking energy is stealing the show from the universe. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, will join on June 3rd, followed by a new moon of communication and forward movement on June 6th. The entire first week of June is your chance to set intentions around love and connection, and maybe even start some long-term plans. Once active Mars enters hard-working Taurus on June 9, you can really put your head down and work hard to achieve your goals.

Smart ideas and productive conversations will pour in on June 14 under the influence of Mercury cazimi, so take advantage of this moment of mental clarity. In a few days, loving Venus joins chatty Mercury in sensitive Cancer, followed by the Sun on June 20, lifting your mood and marking the start of Cancer Season 2024. This is also the date hemisphere of the northern summer solstice, so soak up the magic.

Speaking of magic, the exciting Full Moon in Capricorn will rise on June 21st, and it's ripe for manifestation. The month ends with Saturn Retrograde 2024, which kicks off a subtle but important period of processing, taking responsibility for your actions and finding your true voice.

Read on to learn more about the astrological predictions for June 2024.

The great energy of Gemini and Mercury

Gemini season is in full swing as the month begins, with the Sun shining in the sign of the Twins along with Venus, the planet of love, and Jupiter, the planet of luck (the latter just started a year-long stay in Gemini on May 25). Mercury, Gemini's ruler, joins the party on June 3, amplifying Gemini's breezy, chatty vibe and giving your brain a major mental boost.

It’s time to put on your social butterfly wings and start fluttering towards new concepts and conversations. On June 4, quick-thinking Mercury joins expansive Jupiter, blessing everyone with great ideas and auspicious social connections.

Later that same day, there is another important planetary conjunction in Gemini, this time between the Sun and Venus - also known as the Venus Kazimierz or Venus Point. This lucky alignment puts you in touch with your values ​​about love and money, so be open to new romantic connections, relationship breakthroughs, and exciting financial opportunities.

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Clear new moon on June 6

Communication energy in Gemini reaches fever pitch during the new moon on June 6, as the Sun and Moon join forces in this ever-curious air sign. This moon phase is a great time to open yourself up to new ideas, find new ways to express your thoughts, or foster new connections with those around you. The Moon will merge with values-oriented Venus, making this a powerful time for expressions of love, money, and all kinds of delightful new beginnings.

Mars swings steadily in Taurus

After two months in its home sign of Aries, Mars is shifting from an impulsive goal-chasing style to a more reliable approach as the action planet enters grounded Taurus on June 9. Mars likes to move fast, but Taurus energy knows that slow and steady wins the race—so be patient with yourself when pursuing what you want, and take your time to make sure every step you take leads you to right direction.

Just be sure you don't do any low blows to get ahead, as the annual square between Mars and power-hungry Pluto will reach its peak on June 11, dramatically bringing competitive tendencies to the surface. . Channel the energy of Mars in Taurus wisely and take advantage of the increased power rather than trying to control.

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Mercury Cazimi brings breakthrough

On June 14th, we have the last huge and refreshing burst of energy in Gemini Season, as the spiritual planet Mercury forms an aspect to the Sun known as Mercury Kazimierz. This conjunction may spark an important conversation or productive mental breakthrough that helps you get your plans on track—or may inspire you to make new plans entirely. Speak your truth, listen to others, and be open to inspiration.

Venus and Mercury in Sensitive Cancers

On June 17, romantic Venus and logistical Mercury enter gentle Cancer side by side, giving us an early taste of the emotional energy to come in Cancer season. With both personal planets in fellow water sign Cancer for the rest of the month, everyone will be operating in a more sensitive space, so approaching communication and relationships with a more tender and compassionate attitude will be helpful. Venus and Mercury will also be squaring illusive Neptune at this time, so try not to take things too personally, as not everything is as it seems in this hazy cosmic weather.

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Cancer Season and Summer Solstice

June 20th is a special day among the stars, as the Sun moves from Gemini into Cancer, kicking off both Cancer Season and the Summer Solstice. Cancer season is a powerful time to tune in to your feelings, connect with your family, and let your heart follow your head. Connecting with your closest friendships and getting lost in the magic of a nostalgic summer playlist is the perfect way to connect with this gentle and sensitive energy.

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Full moon kicks off summer

The June full moon reaches its peak immediately after the summer solstice, allowing everyone to welcome the new season with sparkling and inspiring lunar energy. On June 21st, the full moon appears in practical Capricorn, making it an excellent time to bring some soul power into your current trajectory and begin to show it wholeheartedly. If you focus on aligning your plan with your true core values, you can take exciting and productive steps toward your long-term goals.

Saturn retrograde starts on June 29th

You can't escape this month without a planet going retrograde, and this time it's rule-oriented, responsible Saturn. Saturn will be retrograde in 2024, starting on June 29 and lasting until November 15. This annual retrograde is a good time to slowly look for solutions to any long-term challenges that have arisen over the past year. Use the next few months as an opportunity to take a step back and gain clarity on the direction of your future plans.