Your March Tarot Divination

March allows you to move forward. I ask my tarot deck: "What do we need to know this month?" The message of this five-card spread is to listen to your pain and it will tell you what you need to heal.

What are tarot cards?

These cards come from 15th century Italy. They were first used as divination tools by the Roma, a diasporic people from India (sometimes called "Gypsies," a term used and recycled only by the Roma).

In the face of persecution, many of us turn to fortune telling as a means of survival. This is an example of our resilience in the face of oppression.

How I read tarot cards

My grandmother taught me fortune telling, specifically tarot, palmistry, and tea leaf fortune telling.

I use my work—tarot readings, writing, podcasting, and my upcoming book , Secrets of Romani Fortune Telling— to promote Romani culture and educate others.

March 2024 Tarot Divination

Energy: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands urges you to harness your inspiration and take action. If you have a passion or goal you want to achieve, plan ahead and take concrete steps.

If you're not moved by anything in particular, reflect on what you enjoy, what makes you want to celebrate life (or at least enjoy it more), and consider what that means for your future.

This card can sometimes signal impulsiveness, but don't jump into anything without looking at it. Instead, consciously create and follow your dream map.

Scene: Three of Swords

The Three of Swords suggests that any pain you experience can also be a source of inspiration for change.

For example, if you feel stressed about managing money, you can turn it into motivation to improve your financial knowledge through a course, book, app, or advisor.

If a relationship is hurting you, speak up, try counseling, or end it. Don’t ignore your pain—it’s a communication from your heart telling you that you need change, support, or time.

Obstacle: Six of Wands

The Six of Wands is a victory card, but when it appears as an obstacle, it indicates that you may be striving for perfection or seeking external validation. But perfection isn’t real and it can’t satisfy everyone.

Don’t give in to the inner voice that declares you a failure. Any effort will naturally ebb and flow. It’s time to redefine success—not as a trophy on a shelf, but as courage, the pursuit of happiness, and a willingness to learn from your mistakes.

Forget the scoreboard. You win some, you lose some, but maybe you can let go of that black-and-white way of thinking altogether.

Operation: Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands asks you to recognize if you are feeling tired after all you have overcome. You've come a long way, baby, and it makes sense if you need a break before hitting the road again.

It’s important to pace yourself. You're more likely to achieve your goals if you don't burn out from doing everything at once. Instead, allow time to recover. Be strategic about how you manage your time, ask for help, and delegate tasks. Use downtime to rest, not just to distract yourself.

Stay the course, but walk, don’t run—and stop to take a nap.

Course: Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups is a sweet card filled with blessings, wishes, and thanksgiving. Practice living in the moment. Thank you for all you have created, nurtured and received.

Stay optimistic about the future and allow yourself to dream. When life gets challenging, keep those bright visions in your mind. Let these thoughts inspire you to keep going.

Gratitude is the foundation. It helps you realize all the support you have from those around you. Love yourself and others, and allow yourself to be loved.

How to Use the March 2024 Tarot Course

List at least three things that are weighing heavily on your mind right now. Document the corresponding need for each source of pain and how to address it. For example, if you feel lonely, would it help to visit family, send funny memes to friends, meet new people, or adopt a pet? If you feel helpless about the violence in the world, consider calling your representative, volunteering, donating, or boycotting. In the face of every pain, find a call to action.

You might draw inspiration from Robin Badaire, who writes, researches, and talks about representations of Romani people and history in American superhero comics. Troubled by whitewashing and other issues of representation, they channel pain into meaningful action.