Soulloop, a self-care app based on your birth chart

If you're into astrology, it's only a matter of time before you venture beyond your sun sign and delve into other areas of your birth chart, such as your rising sign, moon sign, and Venus sign, to see what they reveal. . From that point on, you may become interested in your ruling planet - but after that, things can get quite complicated.

When you start studying transits, moon phases, squares, and trines, it's nice to have an astrology app like Soulloop to break it all down for you. As someone who feels deeply connected to my "big three" signs (i.e. my sun, moon, and rising sign), I wanted to see what I could learn from other areas of my astrological life, so I downloaded Soulloop does some celestial research.

What is soul cycle?

Sort of like a pocket health coach, Soulloop looks at your birth chart to create a customized journey of self-discovery for you. You can use the app to view various horoscopes on a daily basis, and you can then use that information to move through the world more cautiously.

I've been using this app for a few weeks now and not only does it provide surprisingly accurate tips and astrology readings, but it also helps me go with the flow, which is very helpful for my anxious brain.

soul cycle

Life coach, author, and experienced astrologer Priscila Lima de Charbonniéres created Soulloop as a tool to help you understand more about yourself. The platform offers a variety of exercises, including specialized meditations and journaling prompts, designed to make you more aware of your goals.

Soulloop can also help you better connect with others. For this feature, you simply enter their date of birth and receive prompts to interact with them in the most natural way. (This is a godsend if you can never seem to understand your Taurus bestie or your unpredictable Pisces mom.)

A monthly subscription to the Soulloop app costs $8.99, and an annual subscription costs $30.95.

How to use the app

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When you log into Soulloop, you enter your date, place, and time of birth. You'll then start with the Home tab, where you'll see your daily transit (your transit looks at where your ruler is currently and what that means for your zodiac sign) as well as the day Some of the quotes are a bit like horoscopes.

daily transportation

From the Home tab, you can click Discover More Transits, which will take you to a calendar containing short-term and long-term transits for your unique zodiac sign. You will see the fate of your sign today and in the coming months and years.

Today, according to the app, my Moon is sextile to my natal North Node—and while I have absolutely no idea what that means, the description says now is a good time for me to trust my emotions.

When I asked Lima de Charbonniéres to explain the transit phenomenon further, she said it's similar to the tides of the ocean; your transit lets you know when you're ready to push yourself and try something new, or when it's best to just relax and go with the flow. Everything depends on what happens in the stars.

soul cycle

If you feel like nothing is going your way on a given day, it may be because, astrologically speaking, you are unlikely to take action and would be better off waiting for a more favorable moment.

birth chart

The app also analyzes your birth chart in detail, listing all 12 houses in easy-to-understand graphics, and provides journeys and daily tips related to planetary transits or movements within your sign so you can start living more Know your path and purpose.

Lima de Charbonniéres encourages you to click through and do the recommended meditations for each house as a way to open your chakras so you feel less blocked or blocked.

soul cycle


Soulloop also includes a "Log" tab where you can track your sleep, moods, stress, and dreams—all things that could impact your astrological journey.

There are also personalized sleep soundtracks as well as breathing and meditations, designed by Lima de Charbonniéres specifically for your zodiac sign.


In the Social tab you can invite friends to join your app so you can share your journey in the feed if you wish.


There's also an Explore tab where you can find more meditations, sleep soundtracks, music for your zodiac sign, guided breathing classes and more information on how to use the app.

my experience

soul cycle

To make the most of my experience with the app, Lima de Charbonniéres suggested that I open Soulloop every day to see my daily traffic (if nothing else), saying it would be a great way to get a feel for the vibe of my day.

For example, one Thursday I wasn't in the mood to follow through with my plans, and sure enough, my daily traffic suggested I do whatever was best for me that day - so I stayed home with zero guilt.

As a Scorpio, I also entered the birthdays of some of the closest people in my life to find out how best to interact with them, which was eye-opening to say the least. It turns out that my Taurus best friend needs to be talked to in a "practical and creative way," which I interpreted to mean that she likes the occasional funny text but prefers to talk about more concrete things like making plans. As a Scorpio who texts 100s a day, I need to hear this.

soul cycle

I also do some meditations, such as the 7-minute Sacral Chakra Meditation, designed to stimulate my creativity. Lima de Charbonnier told me that she improvised these meditations, and I loved the organic feel of it—kind of like listening to a teacher in a yoga class.

Because everything is connected and the app takes a holistic approach to physical and mental health, I appreciate the other perks it offers, like the sleep component. It basically feels like a self-care platform that's more tailored to your birth chart.


soul cycle

This app is very comprehensive. As I started using it, I kept finding more information behind each tab, so I was able to continue going deeper and deeper without running out of things to learn about myself and my sign.

It does take time to complete all the chakra meditations and gain a deeper understanding of your journey, which is why I plan to use this app as part of an ongoing wellness practice.

Even though I've only scratched the surface, I've begun to learn more about myself, like my 3rd house in Scorpio means I'm a "passionate, deep, and transformative communicator" (yay!) or so mine Sixth house in Aquarius means I enjoy bringing like-minded people together. (My improv team would definitely laugh at this.)

I was also very surprised at the punctuality of Daily Traffic. As an astrology enthusiast, I'll keep opening this app to make sure I'm tapping into the energy of the day correctly - and from there, I'll see where else it takes me.