December 2023 Astrology Predictions

Happy December, celebrity babies! The planets don't care if you're naughty or nice this year, as December's astrology promises some powerful opportunities for all signs. It’s time to look back on the past, release some baggage, look forward to the future, and bow to 2023! Three different Mercury retrogrades are coming to an end this month, bringing a refreshing sense of moving forward—but before you toast to the year ahead, you have to experience one more Mercury retrograde. Interpretation: The astrological events in December 2023 will have a significant impact.

December kicks off with a cosmic Sagittarius party, with the Sun, chatty Mercury, and feisty Mars all converging in Sagittarius. It's time to celebrate! But the energy is shifting quickly, as personal planets Mercury and Venus both switch signs within the first few days of the month, bringing a more grounded and introspective touch to the cosmic scene. The carefree vibe in Sagittarius continues during the new moon on December 12, so put away some optimism and sprinkle it into your future.

Mid-month, Mercury retrograde begins right after the new moon, and a curveball is coming. If you're going to make any list, it's best to check it twice! Capricorn Season begins on December 21st, inspiring everyone to take their goals more seriously. In five days, the December 2023 Full Moon brings a mystical vibe to everyone, creating space for healing and emotional release. Finally, Chiron and Jupiter both ended retrograde in the last week of December, and Mercury also ended retrograde on New Year's Day.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of the universe, shall we? Read on for December 2023 astrological predictions.

Cosmic changes on Mercury and Venus

Sagittarius season may summon everyone's inner party animal, but once Mercury enters pragmatic Capricorn on December 1, people's heads will be screwed. Mercury in Capricorn encourages practical thinking, so this transit is perfect for making smart financial choices before the holidays (at least until Mercury retrograde begins). Use this savvy sensibility to find great, affordable gifts and start planning ahead for your New Year's resolutions.

On December 4, romantic Venus leaves her harmonious home sign of Libra and enters sharp and powerful Scorpio. In this water sign's mysterious and intense lair, Venus will pull everyone into the underbelly of their relationships, pushing you straight to the core of your desires, values, and attractions. This transit can inject passion and depth into your love life, but it can also cause jealousy - especially when Venus opposes excessive Jupiter on December 9. Be willing to be honest about what you want.

Goodbye, retrograde Neptune

Neptune, the planet of dreams, has been traveling in his home sign of Pisces since June 30, lifting the veil on everyone's fantasies and allowing people to see dreams through a more realistic lens. But on December 6, the ethereal blue planet’s retrograde phase is coming to an end. With Neptune's annual retrograde finally over, the passage between the tangible and mystical realms is clearing, giving all signs the ability to gain deeper insight into the subconscious and receive stronger gut punches.

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Sagittarius Season and Vibey New Moon

The first three weeks of December take up much of 2023 Sagittarius Season, putting adventure, fun, and philosophical exploration at the top of everyone's to-do list. Now is a great time to explore new interests through classes or mentors, connect with people who can broaden your horizons, or make travel plans for the year ahead. As we inch toward the darkness of winter, the fiery zodiac energy of Sagittarius lights things up by infusing everyday life with a spark of celebration. Enterprising Mars is in Sagittarius all month, inspiring you to make the most of every moment and greedily seize opportunities when they arise.

The sparkling Sagittarius vibe reaches its peak during the new moon on December 12, when the sun and moon come together in the realm of the cosmic archer. Sparks of excitement about the future are flying under this new moon, so it's a wonderful time to express your best, most distant New Year's wishes. However, the Moon squaring illusory Neptune can cast a pall over our plans, making it difficult to see into the proverbial crystal ball – so rather than drawing out the outlines of things with precision, try to simply make the most of it all energy of" . No thoughts, just vibes, baby.

Mercury is back in retrograde

After the new moon reaches its peak, Mercury retrograde begins. This notoriously annoying transit will begin on December 13th ET. 12pm PT and lasts until January 1st, so you should definitely take some comprehensive precautions. Save receipts when buying last-minute gifts, double-check any holiday travel itineraries, and stay silent before starting an argument. During these transitions, it's easy to miss details or say the wrong thing. Mercury spent the first half of this retrograde in pragmatic Capricorn, but will return to rainbow-chasing Sagittarius on December 23, so use this time to reevaluate your earthly ambitions and otherworldly ambitions, and do Make corresponding adjustments.

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Solstice and Mercury Kazimierz

On December 22, the sun enters the main earth sign Capricorn. Welcome to Capricorn Season 2023! With the ambitious and hard-working Sea Goat taking over the reins of the universe, now is a great time to take a realistic approach to your goals and start building a solid foundation for your future. The grand moment when the sun enters Capricorn also coincides with the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, which means winter has officially begun. This astronomical event marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, and spiritually it is considered an important time for ritual work, reflection and introspection.

One day later, on December 22, the Sun in Capricorn meets retrograde Mercury, forming a powerful Kazimierz that brings a helpful reality check during an otherwise chaotic retrograde period. Use this moment of clarity to find meaning in retrograde lessons and set a solstice-filled intention to harness the magic of Capricorn.

The sparkling full moon in Cancer

The last full moon of the year will rise in the emotional sign of Cancer on December 26. This festive full moon brings a perfect opportunity for all signs to release their inner emotions. This New Moon is surrounded by a series of positive planetary connections, imbuing this cosmic crescendo with a soulful sense of magic. The Sun and Moon are forming a powerful alliance with solar system giants Jupiter and Saturn, two planets associated with growth, reminding you that the more you hold on to yourself, the more you will soften your heart. When you give your sensitive spots the space to heal, they become strengths.

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Adventure for the love of Venus

Love planet Venus is in action again before the month ends, entering passionate and free-spirited Sagittarius on December 29th. With Venus in Sagittarius, you may feel the need to add some spice to your relationships and seek out exciting new experiences in love. Spontaneity may also be more important than usual, so don't be afraid to break the mold and try new things—whether that means trying edgy fashion, a different type of date than your usual, or opening your mind to new ways of thinking.

Chiron and Jupiter Retrograde End

The year is coming to an end and (thank Goddess) so is retrograde season. On December 26, the asteroid Chiron ends its retrograde motion in Aries that began in July. Chiron is known as the wounded healer in astrology, and its retrograde can help us work through painful experiences from the past—and as the retrograde passes, we can more easily let go of those heartaches and gain feelings of empowerment and victory .

Jupiter's annual retrograde period will end on December 30, just in time for New Year's Eve. All signs will feel a collective burst of spiritual growth and manifestation power as the planet of luck and abundance moves forward for the first time since early September. Our values ​​and personal beliefs will be clearer than ever! Mercury may not go direct until January 1, but we can still make a New Year's resolution that's tinged with luck, healing, and magic.