For irresistible energy on a date, try wearing these 4 crystals

There's no denying that getting ready for a date takes a lot of effort and energy. You'll want to wear something that fits you best so you feel cute and confident, and you might even spend a few hours perfecting your manicure, choosing your perfume, and doing your hair.

Whether you choose a pair of hoops, a stack of necklaces or a pair of rings, jewelry is the finishing touch. But what if your jewelry not only enhanced your look, but also enhanced your energy and aura? This is where crystals come in.

"Crystals have long been used across cultures for their mystical properties," says astrologer and spiritual counselor Letao Wang. "They can enhance personal confidence, attract certain energies, and even influence how others view you. Perception. " When choosing a crystal to wear on a date, it's important to choose one that matches the feeling you want to feel or the type of energy you want to attract when you go out, he says.

Think about whether you want something powerful, captivating or extra calm, and then take a look at your crystal collection, whether it's a ring, necklace or loose stone. You can choose a crystal that is known to have certain benefits, or you can choose to wear a crystal based on how it makes you feel, as that may be just the energy you need right now.

"Wearing a crystal as visible jewelry brings it closer to your energy field, thereby enhancing its effectiveness," says Wang. "But just keep the crystal in your pocket or bag." Here are four of the best crystals to wear on a date.

rose quartz

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If you're going on a second or third date and you want this person to be the one, wear some rose quartz. This pale pink beauty is called a love stone, and it might be just what you need to take things to the next level.

"It radiates a soft, loving energy that not only enhances your self-love but also your attraction to others, making it perfect for a romantic evening," says Wang. "Wearing rose quartz helps attract love, foster intimacy, and promote understanding and empathy between two people."

Astrologer Stina Garbis recommends wearing rose quartz around your neck, somewhat like a talisman, but when you surround yourself with the stone, the options are truly endless. "Personally, I always like to wear my bangles as bracelets because it's convenient and visible," Wang said.


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Another great option is fluorite, a mineral that comes in a range of beautiful blues, violets, and greens. This is one to bring to a date if you're particularly nervous. According to Mr. Wang, fluorite has stable and harmonious energy and can help balance emotions.

If your heart is racing, reach into your bag and pick up this stone as a reminder to stay calm. "This is especially helpful in stressful situations, like a first date," he says. Once you ground yourself, it becomes easier to communicate more clearly and connect more authentically.

To choose the right shade, Wang recommends considering how you're feeling in the moment. “The key is to make sure that whatever crystal you choose, it feels comfortable and in harmony with your energy and intention.”


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Amethyst is a light purple gemstone that can easily be worn as a necklace, ring, earrings or all three. And it's also extremely powerful. "Amethyst has an aura of tranquility and security and is a symbol of tranquility and protection," Wang said. If you feel dizzy before a date, this is the stone for you.

"This fascinating crystal has the ability to relieve anxiety and stress, bringing about a state of peace and calm," he says. If you feel nervous, look down at your crystal and take a deep breath. "Amethyst is known for its sobering energy and can be a gentle companion in social drinks, ensuring your night remains enjoyable and balanced," he says.


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Carnelian, a stunning reddish-orange gemstone, is your best choice if you want to feel extra confident, bold, and even a little sexy on a date, Garbis says. It's known for enhancing your aura and creativity, so it should help inspire a fun get-together when you share some appetizers.

Carnelian is also said to be a lucky stone. If you feel like you're falling short in love, try wearing this on your next date to attract more romance. Its warm color also sends subtle signals to draw you closer and closer, which is exactly the energy you need when you get to know someone.


Wang Letao, astrologer and spiritual counselor

Stina Garbis, astrologer