Sorry, these 3 zodiac signs may not get a salary increase this year

There are many prosperous astrological events happening in 2024, many of which have the potential to bring major financial gains and career upgrades, depending on your birth chart. But for some zodiac signs, these auspicious opportunities and blessings may manifest themselves in other aspects of their lives and therefore may not necessarily result in a higher salary.

However, knowing which zodiac signs will and will not receive a salary increase in 2024 is not set in stone. This is because astrology is complex, and each person's birth chart is filled with unique planetary positions and alignments. Therefore, everyone—even those with the same sun sign—will experience astrology in 2024 differently.

That said, some zodiac signs may feel like they're struggling to succeed in the world of money and career right now, which may make a big pay rise in 2024 less likely. This can be attributed to Saturn, the planet of tough love, karmic lessons, and long-term goals. Saturn is known for bringing restrictive but ultimately beneficial energy into people's lives, often creating obstacles that prompt them to develop a greater sense of discipline and take on greater responsibility. (This is why people’s Saturn Returns can be challenging yet growth-oriented.)

Currently, Saturn is transiting through the parts related to money, work, and career in the three air signs of the zodiac, which may lead to some obstacles or setbacks when seeking breakthroughs in these areas. If you happen to be one of the zodiac signs less likely to get a raise this year, don't worry—because those growing pains will lead to big fortunes next year.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Geminis are experiencing a major rejuvenation right now, as lucky Jupiter enters their signs on May 25 and will stay there for the rest of the year. While this transit will help the cosmic twins attract abundance and good fortune in many different ways, they may have to overcome some obstacles to benefit in their careers. Restrictive Saturn is in Gemini's career house throughout 2024, which may bring some obstacles or setbacks to their work trajectory. They may feel some imposter syndrome and have to overcome some baggage surrounding being an authority.

That said, the lessons Geminis learned this year have given them greater confidence and clarity about the mark they want to leave on the world through their work—so by 2025, they may find their careers more relevant than ever Success and abundance.

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Staying productive and efficient at work may feel extra challenging for Libras this year, so going the extra mile to get a big pay raise can be a daunting task. That's because, throughout 2024, tough-love planet Saturn will remain stern in their chart's house of work, routine, and responsibility. This marks a period of upheaval in their ability to manage tasks and find an appropriate work-life balance. These air signs are learning important lessons about how to handle business, but it's not necessarily easy.

However, once this transit passes, Libras may feel like they have more work to do and are able to organize their schedules in a way that makes them more productive than ever before. They're currently getting rid of all kinds of bad habits that might be holding them back from generating a raise-worthy pay rise at work, so they'll be ready to hit the ground running once they get out of the woods.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

If money is tight for Aquarius right now, it may be because of the presence of stern Saturn in their chart's wealth and resources house this year. As a result, they may not be able to earn the income they are accustomed to and may find it particularly challenging to stick to a budget or grow their bank account. This year may not be their most profitable in recent years due to the restrictive planetary influence on their cash flow, but that doesn't mean their financial lives are in jeopardy either. This just goes to show that the hard work and effort they put into increasing their wealth may take longer to pay off than in other cosmic settings.

The bright side is that by this time next year, Aquarians will likely feel more responsible and in control of their finances than ever before, which will make it easier for them to get more money and get the bonus they know they deserve. salary.