These three zodiac signs love Thirsty Thursday

For those unfamiliar, Thirsty Thursday is an age-old tradition where you go to a bar on a Thursday night, enjoy some happy hour specials, and drink the night away—even though you're well aware you have work in the morning.

Typically, Thirst Thursday is a huge event on college campuses, but it's also a ritual many older millennials won't give up. Why should they do this? It’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend a day early and the perfect excuse to go out with friends.

For some zodiac signs, hitting the pub on a weeknight sounds like an absolute nightmare because they'd rather be in bed by nine. But according to astrologer Stina Garbis, other zodiac signs are also suitable for Thirst Thursday because they have boundless energy and a greater desire for pleasure.

It's not surprising, says Garbis, but many fire signs love this tradition. They're always looking for a theme night or an opportunity to dress up, and Thirsty Thursday is just that. Other signs value it too because it brings people together. After all, nothing brings a circle of friends together like a midweek party.

Here are three zodiac signs to be out on Thirst Thursday, according to astrologers.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

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While any water sign will be happy to meet up for a drink, Cancer is the one most interested in keeping the Thirsty Thursday tradition alive.

They are ruled by the Emotional Moon, which means they place a strong emphasis on rituals and activities involving friends. If they start hanging out on Thursday nights in college, they'll be eager to keep the fun going forever.

Cancers also love the relaxed dive bar energy and Thursday night specials and deals, Garbis says. They like cheap drinks and a basket of chips. “If you don’t drink the beer, they’ll finish it for you,” she said.

This sign is also the perfect companion for Thirsty Thursday. According to Gabes, Cancer always goes into mom mode during a night out. They got everyone together, called Ubers, and texted to make sure everyone got home safely.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

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Garbis said that by the time Thursday night rolled around, Leo was ready to start the weekend with a fun night of drinking and dancing. They're also the best at organizing outings, so they'll crash the group chat until everyone is involved.

This fire sign lives for an alliteration-themed night, just like Taco Tuesday. They're always frustrated by silly traditions or tacky occasions, especially when it means they get to dress up and take a million photos.

Leos also love to entertain their friends, and Thirst Thursday is the perfect time to do so, Garbis said. This weekly tradition is their favorite because it allows them to meet their best friends and show them love through a round of side dishes and snacks on the table.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

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If they could, Sagittarius would go out every night of the week. Garbis says this fire sign has boundless energy, so even after a busy day at work, they always stop to meet up with friends and hang out.

Thursday's events tend to attract a large crowd, and Sagittarius is one of them. If they can't find anyone willing to hang out with them, they'll go to a bar alone and drink margaritas and dance late into the night. (They also make a random group of friends.)

"Sagittarians can do anything even if they're hungover," Garbis says. So the fact that they have work in the morning doesn't stop them from having fun. As a sign ruled by adventurous Jupiter, they'll go all out on Thursday night and then trust bagels and iced coffee to get them through Friday.


Stina Garbis, astrologer