There are always bad things happening on Mondays for these three zodiac signs

While no one enjoys the start of the work week, there are some zodiac signs who truly hate Mondays with all their heart. Instead of feeling slightly sad or a little sleepy because the weekend is over, they're notorious for being in a bad mood—some don't even want to get out of bed.

On Monday, you'll see these signs moving at a snail's pace as they prepare for work. They also rarely feel better over time, even after drinking coffee. In fact, they've been known to get grumpy when interacting with others, responding to emails, or checking their to-do lists. This was a true "Monday Case" in every sense of the word.

According to astrologer Stina Garbis, the shape of a sign combined with their ruling planet may influence how they feel about Monday. While some people wake up ready to go—looking at you, Capricorn—others have a hard time breaking out of weekend mode.

Whether they're napping, yawning at their desk or trying to cope with society, read on below for the three zodiac signs who hate Monday the most.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

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On any given Monday morning, you'll find a Taurus fast asleep, with the third snooze alarm blaring in the background. Everything moves slowly for this fixed earth sign, and it's always hard for them to get up and shift gears. Add to that the fact that their representatives are stubborn bulls, and it's no wonder they dislike the start of the week as much as they do.

"Taurus really hate Mondays," Garbis said. "They won't make a move until at least Wednesday. They're always tired and tired and need a lot of coffee to get them through." That's why, even if they're working from home, Taurus will find a way to be ten minutes late. They can't think until they get their cold brew, which is always the first priority.

They yawn all day, walk unsteadily, and often have a look of despair on their faces. According to Garbis, Taurus coworkers will eventually learn not to say "Happy Monday!" and that's too bad. - Even as a joke.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

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If you hear grumbling echoing around your office on Monday morning, it's probably coming from a Cancer sign. According to Garbis, this water sign is one of the most homebound people, which means they have a hard time transitioning from relaxation mode to the harsh realities of the work week.

As a sign ruled by the moon, Cancer likes to go with the flow and match their mood. On the weekends, that usually means staying home on Friday night, sleeping in on Saturday, and enjoying the peace and quiet of Sunday. They like the comfort of being able to do what they want.

By the time Monday rolls around, they can barely figure out how to respond to emails, let alone handle human interactions. Every week is tough for poor Cancer, who can't seem to make Monday work for them.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

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As a fickle fire sign, Sagittarius thinks about leaving get off work every day, especially on Mondays. According to Garbis, they are energetic and excitable, so the last thing they want to do is be trapped in an institution.

As a sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, this is doubly true. Sagittarius values ​​freedom above all else, so they panic a little at the thought of working a boring eight-hour shift.

Garbis says Sagittarius also likes to party and stay late on the weekends. Since they can't sleep in and recuperate on Monday, they tend to show up to work with sunglasses on and an energy drink in hand—and no, they're not in the mood to talk about it.


Stina Garbis , astrologer