Astrologers say these three zodiac signs will soon face a reality check

If you feel like you've been ignoring that little voice in the back of your head telling you that something isn't quite right, or that something needs to change, then a reality check, wake-up call, or moment of clarity may be coming for you.

Reality checks can be shocking in the moment as you suddenly realize or things fall apart, but they can also be a much-needed catalyst for a new beginning in life. According to Danny Santos, the astrologer and spiritual healer behind Santos and Crystal Visions, reality checks can also come in many forms, and it all depends on the planetary movements occurring in your birth chart.

"In astrology, there are many planets and transits that point to profound clarity or serious reality checks," he tells Busy. Typically, it is the outer planets such as Saturn and Pluto, but it may also originate from the asteroid Chiron or the North Node, as well as eclipse cycles. These are the most important players in major life transitions.

For example, Saturn represents karma. As it moves through your sign, it can propel you into a period of growth by shining a light on things you've been ignoring. For example, Santos said, you might get fired, but once you learn some lessons, it might open the door to a better job.

Pluto also brings a sense of transformation, change and rebirth - the perfect recipe for a wake-up call. "Pluto's realm focuses on things that need to be eliminated, and most often involves getting rid of excess baggage, trauma, and energy that is no longer useful," he says. As long as you embrace change, you can come out of trouble with a new look.

Here are three zodiac signs about to face their biggest reality check.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

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"If there's ever a time in an Aries' life when they can experience something new, now is the time," Santos said. This is because the fateful North Node moves through Aries, along with the healing Chiron and the Solar Eclipse on April 8th.

Chiron—a small celestial body also known as the "wounded healer"—is said to bring up past pain as it moves through your chart, but it can also help you move on, as it Teach you a lesson and trigger a big realization.

According to Santos, this may inspire a dramatic change in your lifestyle, a leap of faith to achieve a new goal, or the ability to embrace who you really are. If you've been hiding or repressing something, these transits may inspire you to become your truest, most authentic self.

The recent solar eclipse in Aries is also getting things moving. "In astrology, eclipses are times when collective astrology turns the page and we find ourselves beginning a new chapter," he said. "Not only do we feel these changes in the days before and after an eclipse, but the eclipse cycle can have important lasting effects for six to 18 months, depending on which eclipse it is."

April's eclipse cycle activates Aries' 20-year period of enlightenment, so according to Santos, you can rest assured that you'll be given a new lease of life soon. That said, "there's an antidote in the poison," he said. The only way out is to get through it, so things may feel bumpy before they get better.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

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Forget about Mercury retrograde. Transformative Pluto will go retrograde in Aquarius on May 2, and according to Santos, it will return to Capricorn from September 1 to November 19. In the astrological world, this is a big deal.

"This retrograde will mark the end of Pluto's descent into Capricorn since 2008 and complete a cycle of transformation in the lives and placements of Capricorns everywhere over the past 15 years," he said.

Since you are an earth sign and pride yourself on hard work and tenacity, Pluto's transit makes you reexamine yourself and your abilities. If you've been in a constant state of self-doubt, your reality check will feel like a new burst of confidence and a desire to pick yourself up and move forward.

As Santos says, "Pluto retrograde back into this sign will force Capricorn to complete the final kick-off of this transit, thus erasing Capricorn's last worries." The rest of the year will seem especially magical and inspiring, especially when Pluto arrives on November 11 Return to Aquarius on the 19th.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

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"While all mutable signs will feel a special shift in the direction of their lives in the coming months, no sign will embrace the energy of karmic transformation and progress quite like Pisces," Santos says.

As Saturn moves through Fish, you'll feel the urge in the right direction, take responsibility for your actions, and maybe even develop a new habit or two that will benefit you in the long run.

To take advantage of this moment, Santos says to think hard about what you want in life, because these planetary transits will make it easier than ever to transform into the person you want to be. Think about your daily life, career, friendships, relationships, and anything else that might need organizing.

In addition to this Saturn transit, the April 8 solar eclipse also shows Mars conjunct Saturn, both in Pisces. "When a solar eclipse occurs in Aries (the sign ruled by Mars), the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Pisces heralds a time of action, initiation and movement," he said.

Saturn represents structure, stability, and long-term goals, while Mars is traditionally associated with passion and progress. When you add it all up, "Pisces can expect incredible transitions between now and the upcoming solar eclipse cycle in September and October."


Danny Santos, astrologer, psychotherapist