Should you choose YouTube TV or Hulu Live TV?

While most of us prefer streaming to cable, there are still many benefits to watching live TV, especially if you're watching network news or live sporting events. If you subscribe to a range of streaming services, you'll be able to find almost everything, but if you want more content in one place for a single fee, you might want to consider YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV.

Both of these cable alternatives give you access to 100 (or more) channels of live programming without a contract. While YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV aren't the only TV streaming services out there (other options include Sling TV, Fubo, and DirecTV Stream), they're two of the best.

YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are a great match in terms of pricing, channel selection, and features. YouTube TV offers more channels and gives sports fans the advantage of full access to programs like March Madness and features like MultiView, which lets you watch up to four games at once. Plus, you can bundle NFL Sunday Ticket at a discount during football season.

Meanwhile, a Hulu + Live TV subscription gives you access to streaming content on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ (ad tier), so if you care a lot about content on those platforms, the Hulu + Live TV bundle might be for you.


The basic package for YouTube TV costs $72.99 per month, which includes 6 home accounts and 3 streams, though there are occasional promotions (e.g. $15 off for the first three months). You can also add extra features like 4K and unlimited streaming and pay channels (Max, Paramount+ with Showtime, NFL RedZone, etc.) for an additional monthly fee.

The Hulu + Live TV Basic Bundle (which includes Disney+ and ESPN+ with ads) is $76.99 per month (for two streams), or you can upgrade to an ad-free package for Hulu and Disney+ for $89.99 per month (and is $10 per month). The Disney Bundle, which includes ad tiers for Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, is $14.99, so you're actually paying $62 for the live TV portion.

YouTube TV is slightly cheaper overall, but Hulu + Live TV is a great value.


The channel lineups on YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV are comparable. YouTube TV has more than 100 channels, and Hulu + Live TV has more than 95. YouTube TV omits the History Channel, Lifetime, INSP, and A&E, while Hulu lacks Univision, AMC, Sundance, Ion, and BBC America and BBC World News.Note that availability varies by regional and local network.

If you care deeply about a program on one of these channels and can't access it elsewhere, this may affect your decision.


Both YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV have unlimited DVRs so you can record content for later viewing. The default image quality for both ranges from 720p to 1080p, though YouTube TV lets you make more refined settings. As mentioned above, YouTube TV has a 4K add-on package, while Hulu + Live TV includes limited 4K on-demand content on some devices.

YouTube TV already takes the lead in terms of overall sports content, and features like MultiView and Key Match widen the gap even further (allowing you to keep up by watching highlights of the game). Arguably, the YouTube TV interface is also easier to navigate.

Bottom line.

YouTube TV is a better option for watching sports and has a slight edge on the channel lineup, plus it's closer to the traditional cable experience. Hulu + Live TV offers great value for those who want access to on-demand streaming content from Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, as well as live TV options.