The Grown-up's Guide to Kid Culture: John Cena's Naked Oscar Walk

Sometimes, there's just not much going on. Youth culture seems to be hibernating this week, but it's a great opportunity to check out the tiny trends you might be covering up. Maybe these little, no-one-thought-about things reveal more than the groundbreaking things that everyone notices. Probably not, but you never know.

Viral Video of the Week: John Cena at the Oscars

I believe you have all seen the video of John Cena presenting the Best Costume Award at the Oscars on March 10. The wrestler-turned-actor's nude body was seen by millions after it was broadcast live and posted online. For a film industry where "no one really cares about this" it represents a rare moment of cultural relevance among young people. People were moved by something happening at the Oscars, taking reaction videos, jokes and memes. The segment is sure to go down in history as one of the most memorable moments at the Oscars, and it touched upon even the most fringe of conspiracy theorists, namely the remnants of Q-Anon. Q-Anon doesn't find anything funny about Cena's appearance. "It's not just a shaming ritual - Hollywood pedophiles, rapists and perverts certainly take pleasure in it. I'm sure Jimmy Kimmel does too!" Liz Krokin reported on Twitter, “Kimmel performed another skit on his show that featured an FBI-identified pedophile symbol and pizza. Pizza is code for pedophilia and has been federally investigated Bureau, Department of Justice records and confirmation from local law enforcement agencies,” they continued. "Absolutely one wants to see a naked John Cena on TV," said Twitter user America's Mom, who had her finger on the pulse of pop culture. Interestingly, Q-Anon seems to view Cena as a victim in all of this, as if Jimmy Kimmel forced him to take off his clothes against his will.

Stanley announces new products at South by Southwest Music Festival

Austin, Texas hosts the South by Southwest music festival each spring to "celebrate the convergence of technology, film, music, education and culture." This year, one of the highlights of the festival is the new cup holders.

At a sold-out panel on Saturday, Stanley 1913, the company behind the immortal fire-proof coffee mug , announced a new hands-free cup holder and mini soft-serve cooler, to the collective excitement of its mostly young fans.

If you're the kind of person interested in the minutiae of late capitalism, Stanley's story will be interesting. They've been around since 1913, when William Stanley Jr. invented the vacuum-sealing technology behind containers used to maintain liquid temperatures. The Stanley Company is primarily known for making thermos bottles to keep your coffee warm while camping or on the job site, so it's pretty much a dandy company, a manufacturer of fishing supplies. But recently, the company decided to focus on women, especially young women on TikTok, and annual profits increased from about $70 million per year in 2019 to about $750 million per year in 2024. The company's flagship product is the 40-ounce Stanley Quencher, which has become a must-have for Gen Z and Millennials because it comes in a variety of colors and it's actually a really great cup.

Satana Trends Explained

Sometimes I like to dig into the minutiae of youth culture, and this week I revealed Satana's micro-trends that I bet you never realized you were aware of. Satana hails from the Balkans, where TikToker @stafon71 posted a video of him tapping his heels on the floor under his desk to the tune of "Satana Eto Ona." The video has been viewed nearly 36 million times, and variations on the theme soon emerged, including this impressive semicircle , this video of someone wearing black shoes scuffed and erased by someone wearing white shoes , and this Depicted video. It may not all make sense, imagining the reaction of the man who had to clean the school floor, but it's impressive that a student scrubbing the floor with his shoe could attract international attention.

Stock image takes center stage in online cultural debate

The humble photo you see above, from iStock, is at the center of a minor debate about the crisis of loneliness among young people. The photo, titled "Real Young People," was posted on iStock in 2011 and @orbitves tweeted the photo with the caption "The 'Male Loneliness Crisis' Is Actually a Good Thing Because I Why Would you want to date someone who looks like this?”

Reactions were mixed. Many people made comments like, "Ha, that's funny and kind of true." Some pointed out the hypocrisy behind the post, like @TheStrxggler, who tweeted, "Body shaming again to the body positive crowd." Or expressed sympathy for the model, like @WheelchairUser8, who tweeted, “Imagine this poor male model just trying to make a few bucks shooting stock photos and every asshole rad feminist on Twitter is suddenly going around calling you names and saying no one should ever do this.” Date you. "

The "looksmaxx" crowd took a more constructive view on the matter and pointed out the many ways the stock photo model could improve his appearance, like if he lost 30 pounds and got a better haircut, he might eventually It will look like this:

What does "green fn" mean?

The final stop on my youth culture tour this week is the word “green fn.” People have been spamming TikTok comments lately, and here’s what it means: “Green fn” is an exclamation you might scream when you do something impressive or cool But when you do something, other people may say the same thing. Something clumsy or incompetent.

Its origins are very obscure, and most people who use it certainly don't know where it comes from, but here's the story: the "green" part is a reference to the NBA 2K series of video games, in which the quality of basketball shots is determined by color To measure, green is the best.

The "fn" part is short for "fuck n*gga." It comes from this video where "Green fn" is used to comment on a missed shot. Since then, it's started showing up in both sarcastic memes and heartfelt memes, and in many, many TikTok comment sections. Like all teen slang, it's important not to use it. Stick to "Sh-YAH!" instead - the "green FN" of your youth.