Taylor Lautner's Surprise Eras tour includes speech from Taylor Swift

Following the release of "Speak Now" (Taylor's version) on July 7, Swift jumped into the Taylor Swift time machine to re-record — which also meant revisiting the relationships that shaped Swift's 2010 album. The musician's reported romance with John Mayer (widely believed to be the inspiration for "Dear John") sparked so much discussion surrounding the new "Speak Now" that Swift and even asked her fans not to "defend [her] "on the internet" against anyone they thought she wrote a song about.

On the other hand, there's one predecessor who never had to worry about Taylor's version of the calculation. Taylor Lautner, who was linked to Swift in 2009, is believed to be the inspiration for the post-breakup song "Back to December." She said it was a "first time" for her in a 2010 Comcast interview, explaining that she had "never apologized to someone in a song before."

"It's about a guy who is incredible to me. Our relationship is perfect for me," Swift added of the song's subject. "And I was really careless with him. So this song is full of things I wanted to say to him, that he deserves to be heard."

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Fans have long speculated that the song was about Lautner. For example, "How you held me in your arms that September night/The first time you saw me cry," a line often attributed to 2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Kanye Weiss Kanye West knocked out Swift's Best Female Vocal Performance acceptance speech at the event. Lautner was also present that night (he actually presented Swift with the award) and has since expressed regret that the incident occurred. "[I]didn't know the Kanye thing wasn't a skit," he recalled on "The Squeeze ."

Lautner himself admitted the song was about him after answering a question from his "Scream Queens" co-stars during a 2016 Facebook Live. He also recently told TODAY that he was "praying for John," referencing another of Swift's Speak Now- era exes — and took the words literally in a TikTok the next day superior.

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So, has Lautner responded specifically to "Back to December (Taylor's Version)" since the new album was released on July 7? While he didn't mention the updated song itself, he made it very clear that he has nothing but love and respect for his songwriting predecessor and her work. On the night of the "Speak Now" (Taylor version) premiere, Lautner attended her Kansas City show and helped Swift pull off one of her big surprises: The actor took to the stage — literally It was a cartwheel, then flipped the stage - joined by Joey King and Presley Cash. Swift has unveiled her new music video for the vault track "I Can See You," which they both star in.

Lautner addressed the crowd at the big unveiling, expressing his support and warmth for his predecessor. "I just want to say one thing real quick," he told her in front of a cheering crowd. "I have so much respect for you, not because of who you are as a singer, songwriter, performer, but really for who you are as a person. You are kind and humble. You are kind and I am honored to know you, so thank you for allowing me to be It became part of my life.”

Lautner later took to Instagram to call the night "crazy" as he, Swift and his wife (another Taylor) recreated the viral Spider-Man pointing meme. As someone many fans consider Swift's "best ex," he seems to be enjoying being back in his day. On the other hand, not all of Swift's exes can say the same.