The 3 Best Ways to Buy Tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour (If You Haven't Purchased Yet)

Millions of Swifties are disappointed with the 2022 Ticketmaster fiasco due to unprecedented demand for Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert tickets. There were hours-long virtual queues, multiple site crashes, bot attempts to attack Ticketmaster's servers, and canceled public sales. Many fans have been given verified fan codes and rewards in an attempt to increase their chances of getting tickets, but without success, there's no chance of trying to purchase them if you don't have the codes or a Capital One credit card.

It might feel impossible to get Eras Tour tickets at this stage given how everything is going, but it's not too late as long as you know what to do, where to look and when to strike. Swift's tour is only a few weeks old, and so far she's played shows in Arizona and Las Vegas, and the day-of-the-show patterns at those shows can tell you how to buy tickets for any date you want.

Here's how you can still buy tickets for the Swift 2023 Eras tour.

Wait for the conductor to release your seat

For shows in Glendale, Las Vegas and Arlington, SeatGeek and Ticketmaster release new seats approximately 10 days before the first show in each city. It is common practice in the concert industry to release new tickets days before a show, even if the show is publicly advertised as sold out, as promoters always hold on to some of the tickets originally released for production purposes, press tickets, and artist purposes. guest list and other reasons. After it's determined which seats won't be used or interfere with the production, they go on sale a few days in advance, often without any notice.

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Swift's Eras Tour is no different, but in her case, the deal isn't available to everyone. So far, these tickets are only available to those who signed up for the Ticketmaster Verified Fan presale in November. For the Glendale show, these tickets will be available to fans who previously received a verified fan code, as well as fans who were on the waitlist but received a new code for this sale. However, Swifties reports that the old verified fan code does not work in Las Vegas or Arlington, meaning only the new code issued by Ticketmaster may work.

The remainder of the tour is handled exclusively by Ticketmaster, which means fans looking for tickets in Tampa, Houston and beyond should check the site for any verified fan sales. If you were waitlisted months ago, check your phone and email to see if you have a chance to receive a new code.

Track resale sites days before show

The act of reselling concert tickets should not be condoned, but for some, especially fans who have never signed up for Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan Sales or received a new code, reselling tickets may be the most effective or even the only way to get in. field method. You should still expect to pay more than face value for tickets on sites like StubHub, where sellers have been lowering the prices of unsold tickets as the show approaches.

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The week of the show, sellers were also rolling out waves of new tickets at venues ranging from side-view seats in Las Vegas to standing-room stands in Arlington, priced between $400 and $500 each. The seats are still well above face value, but compared to some nosebleed seats that sell for $1,000 or more, they're a steal.

Try buying tickets and trading threads on Reddit

Swifties on Reddit have created threads specifically for buying and selling tickets, even allowing fans to trade tickets if they need to change dates or seats. While tickets sold via social media are generally not to be trusted as the potential for scams is very high, Reddit moderators have put guidelines in place to ensure each transaction is as safe as possible, such as requiring certain information as proof of purchase and limiting The amount of personal information can be given. Tickets cannot be bought or sold for more than face value, and posts requesting a price increase are quickly deleted. Reddit users have also compiled lists of known scammers, warning potential buyers not to trust them.