Taylor Swift's 'Now We Don't Talk' Hints at Dating Harry Styles

Since Taylor Swift Released " 1989" (Taylor's Version) After the track "From the Vault" was released on September 20, Swifties have been counting down the days until they get their first listen to the unreleased track.

Fans have good reason to be excited, too, as Swift announced on August 10 that 1989's Vault track is one of her favorite tracks to date.

"Honestly, this is my favorite re-recording I've ever done because the 5 tracks from Vault are so crazy," Swift wrote in an Instagram post. "I can't believe they're being left behind."

One of the most anticipated Vault tracks is "Now That We Don't Talk," written by Swift and frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff during the original 1989 recording session.

Keep scrolling to see the full "Now That We Don't Talk (From The Vault)" lyrics and the real meaning behind the 1989 (TV) track.

What does "now we don't talk" mean?

Within minutes of "Now That We Don't Talk"'s release, Swift was busy dissecting the song's lyrics, which seemed to allude to one of Swift's former lovers.

Some fans concluded that the vaulting track could be about her ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, whom she briefly dated in 2012 .

However, the general consensus among Swifties is that "Now That We Don't Talk" is about her year-long romance with Harry Styles.

Taylor Swift 2023John Shearer/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Styles and Swift dated for a year between 2012 and 2013, around the same time as the original 1989 writing session that also produced album tracks like "Style" and "Out of the Woods" - These songs are also thought to be related to her relationship with the genre.

As for "Now That We Don't Talk," fans mentioned lyrics like "You grew your hair out" — which seemed to be a reference to Styles, who grew it out shortly after the pair split hair.

"The coding style of 'Now That We Don't Talk' is very Harry-esque," one Swiftie said of the 1989 (TV) Vault song, while another fan commented: "It's a bit Harry-esque "I Bet You Think About Me" (Sad Autumn Girl Edition).

Why didn't you make an album?

In a voice note posted to Tumblr, Swift explained that "Now That We Don't Talk" didn't originally become a song in 1989 . Because there is not enough time to complete it.

“It’s hard to put it behind you, but I think we wrote it towards the end of the process when we couldn’t produce it right,” she said. "But this time we had a lot of time to perfect the production."

Taylor Swift arrives in Los Angeles, California for the world premiere of the "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" concert film on October 11, 2023 . VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Swift noted that "Now That We Don't Talk" may be the shortest song she's ever written, but it doesn't lack for anything. “I think it’s powerful,” she said. "I think it does make sense. In the limited time we have, I think it makes sense."

We don't talk now

you go to a party
I hear everyone's voices
You part the crowd like the Red Sea
don't even get me started
do you feel anxious
on the way home?
I guess I'll never know
Since we don't talk
You grew your hair long
You have a new icon
looking from the outside
Looks like you're trying to move on with life
I miss the old way
you don't have to change
But I guess I have no say
Since we don't talk

I called my mom and she said it was for the best
Remind yourself, the more I give, the less you ask of me
I can't be your friend, so I have to pay for what I lost
Since we don't talk, what price will we pay?
what would you tell your friends
Dinners together, long weekends together?
The truth is I can't pretend it is
Platonic, just finished, so
I called my mom and she said get it off my chest (get it off my chest)
Remind yourself of how you disappeared until I left (Until I left)
I can't be your friend, so I have to pay for what I lost (what I lost)
Since we don't talk, what price will we pay?
I don't have to pretend I like acid rock
Or I want to go on a mega yacht
with important people who have important ideas
I think maybe it would be better if we didn't talk now
It's also the only way for me to regain my dignity
It has become an unknown mystery
Just like me when you chase me
Guess this is how it should be if we don't talk now