PinkPantheress' new music video features a Bridgerton universe crossover

In the Bridgerton universe, Charithra Chandran and India Amarteifio will almost certainly never come face to face. Their roles are separated by more than 50 years: Amartefio played Queen Charlotte 's young heroine in 1761, while Chandran's Bridgerton character Edwina met an older version of the monarch in 1814 (if anything). (Elda Rocheville). Luckily, British pop artist Pink Panthers gave them a chance. The two actors worked together in her latest music video, "Mosquito."

As PinkPantheress explained in a post on Instagram when the video was released on September 29, she had her "darling angel girlfriend" star in the video with her. These friends include Chandran and Amarteifio, as well as Grown-ish Yara Shahidi. The video centers on her and her friends' high-end shopping spree, as the singer is "trying to serve" breakfast at Tiffany's .

On the surface, there's no real connection between the modern world of Mosquito and the period setting of Bridgerton . However, PinkPantheress may have inadvertently chosen a loosely matched location: women shopping in the Royal Arcade, London's oldest shopping mall. It's located in Mayfair, which happens to be where the Bridgertons live. Although the show is set long before it was built in 1879, it ended up being a place frequented by upper-class families like theirs.

The Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte crossover continues, with Chandran and Amatefio promoting the music video on Instagram the day it was released. “Girls are paying homage to @pinkpantheress’ Mosquito,” Chandran wrote. “Check out the music video by Pink, @india_amarteifio, @yarashahidi and myself x.” Amarteifio commented: “Yes miss,” and shared her own post, which read in part: “Thank you Brilliantly shot and created possibly the catchiest tune in the world xoxo.”

Fans took to the comments to celebrate seeing Chandran and Amartefio together. Under the Bridgerton star's post, one person celebrated "Bridgerton girls," while another wrote "Queen Charlotte and her diamonds." Others suggested bringing PinkPantherss to Bridgerton , though they didn't specify whether that meant her, her music, or both. Many others were mostly feeling the Cheetah Girls vibe, but they still enjoyed the video.

PinkPantheress was "very scared" of the release, but her fans seemed delighted with her collaboration with "Dear Angel Girlfriend." For the artist, another big milestone involving a famous woman is also approaching: she will join Olivia Rodrigo on the upcoming Guts tour. "Obviously, Olivia is a lot older than me, so at first, I was nervous about saying yes," she told Billboard in late September. "But then I thought, 'I feel like I need to do this.'"