TikTok wants Taylor Swift to give Travis Kelce a chance after their cutie meeting

Fans were quick to embrace Taylor Swift's latest single girl moment. Yes, there was a period of mourning after the 12-time Grammy winner's six-year romance with actor Joe Alwyn ended, but Swift bounced back a few months later. In fact, many fans on TikTok have called on Swift to give NFL star Travis Kelce a chance.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end has put himself on the Swifties radar with his New Heights podcast, which he co-hosts with fellow NFL star brother Jason Kelce. The podcast's TikTok shared a clip on July 26 in which Kelce reflected on his night on the Eras Show in Kansas City with Jason and expressed regret that he didn't get to meet Swift.

"I was disappointed that she didn't speak before or after the show because she had to save her voice for the 44 songs she sang," Kelce said in the clip. "So I was a little angry and didn't hand her one of the bracelets."

The two-time Super Bowl champion later revealed that he made a special friendship bracelet for the singer: "I wanted to give Taylor Swift one that had my number on it," he added. When Jason jumped in to clarify whether he was referring to his jersey number, 87, or his phone number, Kelce responded: "You know which one."

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Swifty quickly approved of the planned grand gesture. The TikTok has racked up more than 435,000 likes, with fans buzzing about Kelce's failed attempt at a cute encounter. "He made her a bracelet with his number on it," one Swift emphasized, while another responded, "I'm so touched that he made his own bracelet." Many others Chiming in to say this is the pairing they "need" and even tagging Swift for trying to lobby Kels on her behalf.

However, the Chiefs star may have something going against him: As Jason seems to like to point out to his younger brother, "she's a huge Eagles fan" (aka she supports his team). Philadelphia Eagles TikToker wrote in the comments: "Tyler said 'Let's go, birdie!'" Apparently, the two didn't feel bad about kicking a guy while he was down. (To be fair, his team did beat them in the recent Super Bowl.) Kelce told Jason, "She didn't see anyone, or at least she didn't want to see me, so I think that's Personally."

Whether this will lead to Swift's next love story remains to be seen, but the singer seems to be enjoying single life for now. Although she was briefly linked to Marty Healy in 1975 after her breakup with Alvin, the pair didn't last long. On July 7, she seemed to celebrate her single status, posting a July 4 photo with a few celebrity friends and captioning it: "Happy belated Independence Day from an independent girl in the local community."

If she does decide she wants that friendship bracelet, though, she'll probably say "yes."