Harry Styles scene in 'Love, Lizzo' was just one moment to make fans feel seen

Lizzo gives fans a treat this Thanksgiving: her new HBO Max documentary Love, Lizzo . This inspiring story revisits the Grammy winner's humble beginnings, tracking her meteoric rise to international superstardom by delving into the experiences that shaped her hard-won success. Honey has a lot of vulnerable moments for Lizzo , who was initially skeptical about revealing so much of herself, given the misogyny, racism, fatphobia, and trolling she's encountered throughout her career.

"People have a lot of polarizing opinions about me," she admitted to Variety in a recent interview, mentioning everything from her twerking to the difficult experience of being a black artist. "When people take a strong stance on something, they face criticism and backlash because everyone is in the middle of the road. ... But I don't care anymore, you know? That's who I am, I don't I would argue with others about who I am.”

That strategy also seems to be paying off, at least judging by Twitter reactions to "Love, Lizzo." Overall, the director spoke to the audience for a variety of reasons, but there was one segment in particular involving Harry Styles that really seemed to resonate with viewers. In a "huge emotional moment," Lizzo broke down in tears while performing his song "Falling" with her makeup artist. "Just showing how transformative music is and how fans feel about my music is how I feel about Harry Styles' songs," she explained to Entertainment Weekly . "I feel it too. I go there too."

That's certainly what fans on Twitter are concerned about. "I felt every second of that moment," one fan wrote, while another added, "I know she is truly one of us."

It's one of the only specific scenes and quotes that resonated with fans. Other mentions in various tweets include inspirational quotes about identity and self-love, and her use of "bee's dick" as a size descriptor.

The list of reasons why "Love, Lizzo" made people feel so visible has only grown since, encompassing everything from her body positivity to making it cool to be a "band geek."

As you'd expect, this doc is an emotional roller coaster, making families over the Thanksgiving holiday laugh, cry, and experience every other emotion in between. Sometimes, there's no better way to truly express the breadth of those emotions than with a perfectly chosen GIF or meme.

All in all, "Love, Lizzo" has earned rave reviews on Twitter, with users praising her positive, honest message, as well as her courageous vulnerability and, of course, her "zero fuck" attitude.

Yes, Lizzo is 100% the asshole — and it's about time she received the flowers.