Drake's new song contains a surprising Kim Kardashian quote you might remember

Drake has a long-standing affinity for the Kardashians and isn't afraid to show it off — even if it might be at the expense of his frenemy Kanye West. On April 7, the five-time Grammy winner released his new single "Search & Rescue," which features Kim Kardashian. Most interestingly, he quoted a line you might remember from her old E! series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she talked about her divorce from West in 2021.

The rapper referenced a clip from a conversation between Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner, from the April 2021 KUWTK series finale, when Kardashian talked about life after her divorce from West. "I didn't get to this point just to not be happy to get to this point, remember that," she said, to which Jenner responded, "Well, that's fair enough." Then Kardashian came in with a punchline , said: "Yeah, I saw that on the Internet." The two aren't the only celebrities referenced in the song. Drake also paid tribute to Pitbull by rapping, "I know I'm a bulldog, but dale, mama," which may have been a subtle reference to their minor musical feud in 2012.

Given their previous on-again, off-again history of beef, many fans may have interpreted Drake's sample as a disdain for West, but the singer's father reportedly said that's not the case. "Drake isn't trolling anyone, it's just a song, why try and recreate the feud between Kanye and Drake?" he commented on TMZ's Instagram post about the song.

Drake and West have a long history that includes both feuds and friendship. In 2018, rappers attacked each other via diss songs, with West's collaborator Pusha T even revealing that Drake had a child on one of his West-produced songs, which was too much for the Canadian artist. Their saga seemed to end after a joint concert in September 2021, but there's always room for things to take another left turn.

Fans speculated that Kardashian was involved in "Search" when Drake posted a cover of the song on Instagram the day before, which featured a white woman wearing a helmet who looked a lot like Kardashian.

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Just two days before Drake announced the song's release, the resemblance became even more apparent when the reality star posted a selfie wearing a motorcycle helmet while go-karting in Tokyo.

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Kardashian has yet to actually comment on the song, but considering her mother's well-known affection for Drake, it's unlikely they'll be upset about it.