Taylor Swift's friendship bracelets on Eras tour explained

In addition to Taylor Swift's Eras tour merchandise (especially that blue crewneck sweater), fans will take home something special as a souvenir from each tour stop: Friendship bracelet. Swifties are handcrafting friendship bracelets and meeting and trading with each other on the Eras Tour. Even stars like Jennifer Lawrence accepted wrist gifts from fans at Swift's May 14 show in Philadelphia.

This gift bracelet trend was inspired by a song by Swift. On Midnights ' fifth track, "You're On Your Own, Kid," Swift sings the lyrics: "So make friendship bracelets, take a moment to taste it" during the interlude. A collection of Swift's friendship bracelets also appeared on her Instagram in 2019, ahead of the release of her Lover album. The Swifties took the singer's advice to heart and used the Eras Tour concerts to communicate them, meeting in person at the merch booth or on the floor with fans they interacted with online.

But fans aren't the only ones loving this sensual trend. Swifties gave away bracelets to stars spotted in the Eras Tour's VIP tent, including Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, her husband Keith Urban and "Heartstops" star Joe Rock. Before Swift took the stage for the May 14 show, Lawrence and Kidman interacted with fans and accepted their friendship bracelets, which they continued to wear during the show. Locke received his bracelet at the April 30 show in Atlanta.

Swift folklore and eternal collaborator Aaron Dessner joined her at her April 13 show in Tampa, then joined Swift for secret song parts the following two nights Performing together on stage, he was moved by the fans' actions. Dessner took to his Instagram Story to thank the "good Samaritan" who gave him two bracelets that read "Long Live Evermore," a nod to his 2020 album Evermore and Swift's 2010 heartfelt song " Long Live Evermore” tribute.

Selena Gomez's sister Gracie is also getting in on the trend. While Swift was performing "22" at an April 1 show in Arlington that this writer was in attendance for, she handed the hat to her best friend's sister, and Gracie quickly handed her a friendship bracelet, which Swift accepted before continuing the song.

The Swifties proudly documented the bracelet-making process ahead of the show they would be attending on Twitter, even showing off the difficulty of making dozens of DIY accessories. Swift's song titles, lyrics and, of course, her lucky number 13, are among the most popular decorations, with fans making special album-themed bracelets in the colors of each era. Some fans are even using some of Swift's funniest quotes or viral moments, like her yelling at security at her May 13 show, as inspiration for their bracelets.

There are also memes about the trend, as Swifties themselves realize they have extra tendencies.

If you want your own friendship bracelets, you must craft them before you can trade them. Many TikTokers have created DIY videos with detailed instructions that make the whole process a breeze, but if you're pressed for time or just feeling extra lazy, Swifties also sell their own handmade bracelets on Etsy.