Ariana Grande & Kesha gagged by Anetra's talent show skills at drag competition

RuPaul's Drag Race kicks off its landmark 15th season with celebrity guest judge Ariana Grande (who calls herself "Mother"). This season's drag queens are totally gagged with her arrival, but the "7 Rings" singer's biggest shocker is premiere talent show winner Anetra, who incorporated her kickboxing training into In her daily life of chopping wood. Grande was stunned in real life, while stars like Kesha and the Drag Race alum took to social media to express their praise.

After Anetra shared a video of her first drag queen show on Instagram, Kesha commented under the post: "Omg queen she's hungry she even ate her breakfast. And. Lunch." The drag staple also joins Detox Of the comments, "No, you're crazy," Pabllo Vittar wrote, "You got it," Derrick Berry declared, "There are so many layers to your talent!" Even Maybelline (yes, the makeup brand) couldn't help but gush Bujue simply commented: "Eat."

Additionally, Grande liked the show's Instagram posts of Anetra's daily moves and has been commenting on other posts in support of the Season 15 contestants. She left two separate comments on Sasha Colby's daily video that apparently made her "cry."

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While Grande was impressed with the queens' performance, Twitter was clogged with the arrival of the special guest judges. As she entered the Werk Room to meet the queens, Grande wore a cape that paid homage to Drag Race Season 6 contestant Vivacious with a wig named Ornacia, then opened up her costume to reveal revealed her true identity. As these tweets prove, the queen wasn't the only one living for the stunt.

During the episode, Grande also recalled her first time as a drag queen guest judge, back in 2014 during season seven. It was so exhausting," she recalls. "It was an overwhelming time in my life and I felt like I wasn't fully engaged. Remember to take care of yourself and be present because this is such a wonderful moment and all your life will change forever. "