Ed Sheeran performs surprise show at Hobbit-themed bar

Picture a scene from The Lord of the Rings : You're innocently drinking from a goblet full of mead in the heart of the Shire, when one of the most successful musicians of all time casually improvises with his guitar. Sound too good to be true? Interestingly, that's exactly what happened when Ed Sheeran performed a surprise performance at the Green Dragon Hotel.

Green Dragon Inn is located in the heart of Hobbiton, New Zealand (former Lord of the Rings movie filming location, now transformed into a tourist hotspot). It is a hotel based on the short king Frodo (Frodo), Sam ( A realistic bar themed around Sam, Merry and Pippin's favorite drunkards. . Fans would usually head there for a pint of cider after a guided tour of all the great Hobbit attractions; but this time, lucky punters ended up enjoying Ed's 2013 song "I See Fire" at the dinner ". The artist wrote the song for the end credits of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" after being approached by Peter Jackson, director of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit."

"Tonight we have an unexpected guest at the Green Dragon Inn..." the bar wrote on TikTok, along with a clip of the very special show. They added in the comments, "In tears!"

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Ed is currently on a Math Tour in New Zealand and has already played a major stadium show in Wellington. After two shows in Auckland, he'll jump over to Australia to continue his live tour, but he's also found time to play a few surprise gigs along the way. As well as popping up in Green Dragon, Sheeran has performed at two school assemblies in Auckland and was also spotted in the crowd by a handful of eagle-eyed fans at his collaborator Fred Again…'s Wellington gig .

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