Harry Styles ripped his pants in front of Jennifer Aniston

After a short break over Christmas, Harry Styles resumed the US leg of his Love On Tour in Inglewood, California, with a sold-out venue. However, in addition to some stunning performances of the singer's biggest hits, fans on the Kai Forum on January 26 also witnessed a major costume malfunction on stage.

During a live performance of "Music from a Sushi Restaurant," Styles squatted down in front of his adoring fans, causing his brown leather pants to tear from the crotch. As a fan video shows, the "As It Was" hitmaker soon realized the unfortunate tear in her pants and covered her nether regions with an LGBTQ+ Pride flag she grabbed from the crowd. Still, Styles could have gone to Vinted to buy a new pair of pants, where the singer recently accidentally became a model.

The Grammy winner returned to the stage after a quick costume change and jokingly apologized to thousands of onlookers, including "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston, who also happened to be in attendance, Metro reported.

"My pants are ripped. I feel like I have to apologize to some of the people in front of me. I mean this is a family show," the singer joked. "I promise this is not part of the show... This is a family show... or is it? This is. Or is it?"

Unfortunately for the "Watermelon Sugar" performer, his on-stage wardrobe malfunction spread like wildfire among fans on social media, with many quick to point out that Styles was in front of Aniston ripped his pants - which Styles previously revealed was his first "celebrity crush".

"No one told Harry that Jennifer Aniston just ripped her pants watching him," one fan joked on Twitter. Another user commented: "Harry ripping his pants in front of Jennifer Aniston was probably a traumatic moment for him."