Halsey splits from boyfriend Alef Aydin after nearly three years of dating

Halsey's loved ones will now know what it's like to live "without me." The singer has reportedly split from boyfriend Alef Aydin after more than three years of dating. The two welcomed son Ender Ridley Aydin in July 2021 and still "plan to co-parent" after the split, with a source telling People magazine , "This was an amicable split ".

It is unknown when the two parted ways. However, export On April 5, Halsey obtained court documents asking the court to grant her full custody of the children, grant "reasonable visitation" to Aydin, and give both parents joint legal custody. Their last public post on Instagram was on February 14, when Halsey posted a photo of them kissing on Valentine's Day. "ya'aburnee," she said in the post's caption, pointing to the final song from her Grammy-nominated album If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power .

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Halsey first dated Los Angeles writer, producer and director Aydin after the two were spotted together at a basketball game in 2019. However, fans didn't realize they were dating until Halsey announced she was dating Aydin two years later. She is expecting her first child, and Aydin has been confirmed as the father. The two tend to keep their relationship private, only making Instagram posts on special occasions and rarely speaking in interviews.

In August 2021, Halsey explained how they started dating, revealing that they had been friends for a long time in the first place. "Aleph and I have been great friends for four years," she said. "When the stars aligned and our relationship became romantic, obviously, he and I were like, 'Oh my gosh! You're the one I should start a family with.'" Aydin ended up dating Halsey in 2022 Co-starred in the "So Good" music video, which also included a home video with her son.

Before Aydin, Halsey was linked to Evan Peters in 2019, with the two reportedly dating for over a year. The singer suddenly deleted all photos of Peters from Instagram in March 2020, all but confirming their split.