Twitter goes into meltdown over Beyoncé Renaissance tour ticket purchases

Ticketmaster is destroying the Beyhive's souls - and their wallets. Pre-sales for Beyoncé's highly anticipated Renaissance World Tour, her first in five years, began on February 6 and will continue over the coming weeks. In light of the fiasco surrounding Taylor Swift's Eras tour tickets, which prompted multiple lawsuits from Swifties and a Senate hearing investigating Ticketmaster, the site has taken steps to secure Beyoncé ) ticket sales are smoother, including spreading the on-sale dates over several date weeks to minimize traffic. For many fans, this made it easier to buy tickets, but other members of the hive struggled to get through the virtual queue.

Demand for the Renaissance Tour has been so high that Ticketmaster announced before pre-sales began that registrations exceeded the number of available tickets by more than 800%, warning that not all fans who received a verified fan code would get one. Tickets. As a result, Beyoncé added a second night in several cities during her U.S. leg. Across the pond, demand was so high that she added three extra nights in London, for a total of five shows in London alone, with second shows in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Warsaw.

While sales for the Renaissance Tour have so far been less chaotic than Swift's Time Tour, fans have still faced their fair share of challenges with Ticketmaster and downplayed their struggles on Twitter.

Thankfully, many fans were able to celebrate their ticket purchases on Twitter.

Meanwhile, other fans are still looking for other ways to get into the show.

As a result of a Jan. 24 Senate hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee issued a stern warning to Ticketmaster over its handling of Beyoncé's ticket sales. "We're watching, @Ticketmaster," the organization wrote on its official Twitter. Considering the intense scrutiny they face from Congress and the Hive, the company needs to be on top of their game in the coming weeks.