Ariana Grande Revives 2014 Hipstercore-Style Music Video for Her "Yes, And?"

Like Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, Ariana Grande's discography offers notable beauty to each beloved album. The "Thank U, Next" era featured over-the-knee boots and baggy sweatshirts worn as dresses. Who can forget her "The Stand" period and its many space-age-inspired fashion moments?

In her new "Yes, And?" music video, Grande revives her fashion triumphant era—circle skirts and all.

Ali’s retro “fitness”

Grande's new single kicks off with a catchy drum beat that's worthy of a house music playlist. When Grande made her grand entrance, a slow pan gave the audience enough time to walk her through her choice of shoes. No, she's not bringing back her signature boots. Instead, she opted for T-strap round-toe pumps, which looked like something out of Taylor Swift's 1989 outfit trailer.

The rest of her is also 2014 coded. She wore a black and white jumpsuit paired with a black skater skirt - a hero in every Tumblr girl's wardrobe.

YouTube / Vivo

Grande accessorized her nostalgic look with one of the decade's most iconic accessories: a wool flower girl hat with braided trim. If anyone can bring back the flower girl, it's Grande.

YouTube / Vivo

She channeled OG Ariana

Her "Yes, and?" outfit was quintessential Grande in the 2010s. In fact, from 2013 to 2016, she wore this outfit almost every time she went out.

For example, on New Year's Eve 2013, Grande wore fraternal twins of her "Yes, And?" Full costume. She paired a fuzzy white sweater with another black circle skirt (maybe the same one?) and a pair of round-toe heels.

Ariana Grande arrives at Narita International Airport in December 2013 . Jun Sato/WireImage/Getty Images

The 2014 look, on the other hand, features the same inverted combination. Grande wore a white skirt, black tank top, and her signature platform shoes—the look wouldn't be complete without them.

Ariana Grande at MTV Studios in July 2014 . Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment

My inner child is healing.