Taylor Swift shakes off her recent Eras tour missteps in TikTok comments

Taylor Swift is shaking off her recent Eras Tour stage malfunction like a pro. During the first of two shows in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 30, the singer was typically dropped off the stage for a quickie after she finished her performance of "Reputation " from "Look What You Made Me Do." The trap door for changing clothes failed to open. Naturally, Swift reacted quickly, quitting the old-fashioned way by sprinting with her fellow backup dancers, as seen in a fan's TikTok video. While some fondly poked fun at "The Wrong Tour," others praised the 12-time Grammy winner's quick thinking - "It's great to get things done on time!" one person wrote, adding: One viral moment was called "Run (Taylor's Version)."

A second TikTok video of the incident — which appropriately gave AWOLNATION the "Run" treatment — even caught Swift's attention, and she took the opportunity to poke fun at herself. In the comments section, the 12-time Grammy winner joked that she was "still fast," sending fans into a whole new level of madness. "I would love to see Swift af boi a new friendship bracelet," one Swiftie wrote. Even the owl mascot of language education program Duolingo chimed in, saying it had “swift af boi tattooed on my wings.”

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Despite the minor missteps, Swift appears to be having the best time of her life in Ohio. "Cincinnati, I couldn't love you more. Had the best two nights with you!!" the "Cruel Summer" singer tweeted on July 2, shouting out her relationship with opening guest Gracie · "Special" performance by Abrams and The National's Aaron Dessner. In the meantime, she's "counting down the days until Speak Now (my version) comes out on July 7th, which will be out soon," in case you were wondering.

As Swift announced on Twitter, the start time of her July 1 show in Cincinnati was moved up an hour due to severe "weather conditions." According to Billboard , a schedule change meant that opening act MUNA was able to perform her set, but Abrams had to sit out the following night. However, Swift made amends with the singer, inviting Abrams to perform "I Miss You and I'm Sorry" on her usual "Secret Songs" show, which featured the trio for the first time ever Composed of a song. Cincinnati native and frequent collaborator Dessner also joined Swift on Evermore 's "Ivy."

Fans aren't joking about "Errors Tour" for nothing, though. Since starting her show in Glendale, Arizona on March 17, the "Midnight Rain" singer has endured everything from pouring rain, wardrobe malfunctions, and, of course, one more high-profile onstage mishap. On April 13, during Swift's stop in Tampa, Florida, the stage failed to open in time for her concert's big stage dive moment. As a professional singer, the singer also laughed off the viral blunder at the time.

As one Swift commented at the time: "Taylor Swift always knows how to handle any situation with grace and professionalism."