Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Movie Prestige TV Easter Egg

Spoilers for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour movie trailer . Taylor Swift is known for hiding Easter eggs in her projects, and the Eras Tour movie probably has a lot of Easter eggs of its own. Fans have identified a possible tip that Reputation (Tyler's version) is coming soon.

On Eras tours, the 13th song on the set list is usually "Champagne Problem" from her 2020 album evermore . However, the order was changed as five songs were deleted from the film. The 13th song in the film is "...Are You Ready?" from her 2017 album Reputation.

"Reputation" is one of only two albums that Swift has yet to re-record. Since 13 is Swift's favorite number, this change in the setlist could be significant.

Swift's next re-recording is "1989" (Taylor's Version) , set to be released on October 27, the ninth anniversary of the original 2014 album.

As for when a reputation announcement might happen? Swifties are right up there.

Swift performs on stage during the Eras tour in Cincinnati, Ohio. Taylor Hill/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At the end of her "Karma" music video, Swift holds a latte with foam art shaped like a midnight clock . Her blue nails represent the 1989 era, next to her "8" hand, which 1989 (TV) eventually revealed in August. Her black nails, symbolizing the "Reputation" era, are located near the "2" hand, leading fans to think she will announce "Reputation" (the TV series) in February.

If this theory holds true, fans believe Swift may announce "Reputation" on February 23rd, as her Eras Tour countdown begins at exactly 2 minutes and 23 seconds. (In the movie, it was shortened to just 13 seconds.)

Swift was scheduled to perform in Sydney, Australia that day, and had previously announced that she would be re-recording during the tour. She revealed "Speak Now" (TV) during a show in Nashville on May 5 and "1989" (TV) during a show in Los Angeles on August 9.

That being said, other fans have speculated that Reputation (TV) will unexpectedly drop unexpectedly rather than make an announcement. No matter what happens, Swifties will be... ready.