Beyoncé's robotic arm rocks the hive on Renaissance tour

Beyoncé is featuring famous dancers including Les Twins and Honey Balenciaga on her Renaissance World Tour, but they'll be starring alongside some rather unexpected guests. The tour kicked off on May 10 in Sweden, and Twitter was in awe as Bey was assisted by a real robot arm during the tour. Following an interlude titled "Motherboard" as Beyoncé performed her Renaissance song "COZY," the robotic arm debuted six songs during the nearly three-hour, 35-song show.

During the spoken introduction of "COSY", two oversized robotic arms suddenly came into view, each holding a metal square frame. The singer continues to pose within the frame as if it were a moving portrait, performing as the arms frantically lift the frame up, down and around her body, twisting around her movements. In other words, they help Beyoncé create “face cards” that never fade, as she sings in “HEATED.”

Naturally, viewers and fans watching the live broadcast were impressed, with Twitter users stunned by the innovative and complex choreography.

Later in the show, before performing "Church Girl," the arms helped Beyoncé transform her look using ultraviolet light, turning her all-white outfit into a colorful mosaic masterpiece fit for a historic church.

When Beyoncé performed "HEATED," the arms came back to fan her, because queens apparently don't fan themselves.

After the show, a number of memes about the robots were posted on Twitter.

As impressive as the robotic arms are, they are just one of a number of futuristic and visually stunning props. During her renaissance performance, Beyoncé also rode a full-blown chrome tank, lay in a glamorous seashell, and sat in front of a news desk as a news anchor bee (yes, really) before riding a disco Ma ended her performance. The Renaissance album cover is affectionately named Reneigh by the Beyhive.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's been a lot of talk about the future of artificial intelligence technology and robots taking over our jobs in almost every field, but if Beyoncé choreographing with robots is the future, sign us up.