The icon confirmed fan theories about Dyanne and Dyanne. Tedros

There are spoilers for the second episode of "Idol." HBO 's Idol has received a lot of criticism, but for those who decided to keep watching, there's at least a lot to reason about. For example, what is Tedros' agreement? Is that intimacy coordinator okay? Most importantly, how does "Idol" end?

The people behind the show offer just a few hints. Co-creator Sam Levinson told The New York Times that "audiences will slowly begin to see who the true villain of this work is," while Da'Joy Randolph Vine Joy Randolph, who plays Destiny, recently told Bustle that she's "excited for fans to get a look at the power of women and what it means to go after what you want, no matter what."

Is it possible that backup dancer Dyanne (played by BLACKPINK's Jennie) is a woman who comes into her own during the remainder of Idol - and perhaps her villain days? Fan theory suggests so. After the first episode, Twitter user @SeriesTheories_ suggested that Diana arrange Jocelyn and Tedros' first meeting at a club when Jocelyn was feeling "vulnerable" over the leaked photos. "The whole club thing seems to have been staged," they wrote. "Tedros appears to have been planning this for weeks."

In fact, a conversation between Diana and Tedros in episode two confirms this. "You didn't tell me it was a set-up," said Diane, who seemed hurt that Jocelyn and Tedros spent so much time together. "You said it would be good for the club...but you made music with her."

Earlier in the episode, Diana had been contacted by Jocelyn's record company to record her own music - so if she felt rejected, she would likely attack Tedros. As Twitter user @nallisachae wrote, "Diane's little giggle at the end makes me hope she screws him over eventually," adding "She's just as manipulative as Tedros."

Several other fans took to Twitter to express their support for Janet's role as Diane, one of the show's villains.

If the theory about Diana's "backstabbing" is confirmed throughout the rest of the season — and she gets more screen time as a result — it's sure to get legions of "Idol" viewers excited. As The New York Times recently pointed out, many BLACKPINK fans tune into the show specifically for Jennie. "If Jenny wasn't on the show, I would stop watching it entirely," one fan told the outlet. "And end my subscription to HBO Max."