Jessie J pregnant after miscarriage, she's 'happy and scared'

Just over a year after announcing her miscarriage in November 2021, Jessie J has an even happier update to share. The British singer revealed she was pregnant again in a touching video posted to Instagram on January 6. "I'm so happy and scared to finally share this..." she began the caption.

Jessie's sweet video is set to her song "Sunflower," which fittingly includes the lyrics "I grew up with you, you were my Sunflower." It provides a look at her pregnancy so far, from her positive test to to her growing belly, to her ultrasound experience. The "I Want Love" singer is also seen in her daily life, including recording, dancing, taking mirror selfies and spending time with her family.

As for Jessie's current situation, she asked fans to "please be gentle with me." Her caption also read, "Honestly you girl just wants to cry ugly in public in a onesie eating chocolate pickles no questions asked." A follow up video the next day provided more insight , as it shows how she deals with other parts of the pregnancy experience, such as fatigue, odor sensitivity, and morning sickness. "I was warned about my first trimester and it was awesome," she wrote in the caption.

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It wasn't easy for Jesse to get to this point. In May, she was a guest on the podcast CEO Diary and doctors wanted to remove her uterus when she was diagnosed with adenomyosis (a condition that can lead to infertility, according to Healthline ) at age 26. . The artist also spoke about her miscarriage during her pregnancy and recalled the day it happened. "I remember just coming home and not processing it," she said. She later added, "It breaks my heart that so many women have been through this... It's a painful experience - physically painful, emotionally painful."

Prior to her miscarriage, Jess had been planning to have a baby on her own, as she revealed in a (since-deleted) Instagram post about the miscarriage. "I decided to have a baby myself," she wrote. "Because this is all I want, and life is short." However, after the experience, she came to a different conclusion: "I know the reason why this happened is because I shouldn't be doing this alone. thing," she said in "CEO Diary ." "I stand by that now."

None of Jessie's new pregnancy videos mention her current relationship status. According to The Sun , she was recently linked to professional basketball player Chanan Safir Colman, whom she met through friends in late 2021. In March 2022, a source told the outlet that Jesse felt "lucky to have Chanan" and that they were "just going to see what happens."

After this experience, Jess has some words of caution for her followers. "Pregnancy is the most relatable yet unique journey," she wrote in a Jan. 7 Instagram Story. "We all feel, experience and process it in our own way. ... Telling someone else how they feel or what they feel is not the right thing to do."