Katy Perry invites Lizzo to join American Idol judging panel

Following the nerve-wracking end of American Idol Season 21 on May 21, judge Katy Perry is already thinking about the future of the show and revealing which Grammy winner she'd like to see join A star-studded jury. The "Firework" hitmaker said in an interview with Buzzfeed that she felt like she was at a disadvantage with the "testosterone" of the judging panel, calling out Lizzo for a fight with current judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Lionel Richie joins her.

"I would love for Lizzo to be on 'American Idol, '" Perry told the outlet. "This is an invitation from me, Katy Perry, and Lizzo to join the panel. I'm feeling a little outnumbered on testosterone. I could really use some bold, honest, hot opinions."

As of this writing, the "About Damn Time" singer has yet to respond to Perry's invitation. However, many "American Idol" fans have expressed excitement at the prospect of Lizzo joining the long-running series. "This is the only way I can watch American Idol for the first time in years," one fan said of Perry's Lizzo pitch, while another wrote that Lizzo and Perry were on Together there is an "amazing chemical reaction".

"That's what it's all about. Lizzo's character is perfect for her," one fan also commented. Another person tweeted: "Her personality complements Katie's perfectly and it's going to be so much fun."

The Season 21 finale of "American Idol" aired on Sunday, with Iam Tongi crowned this year's winner. The 18-year-old beat fellow competitors Megan Danielle and Colin Stough, who finished second and third respectively.

In an interview with People magazine ahead of the season finale, Perry had high praise for the show's three finalists. However, the "Dark Horse" singer said eventual winner Tongi had "its factor."

"The sound in the room when I came on was undeniable," Perry added. "He's an undeniable character. He just has this incredible magic. You can almost not explain it. It's an element of it. It's like you were born to do this, it's undeniable ”