Twitter is panicking! Break up at the disco

panic! Telling fans at the disco, "If you love me, let me go."

After 19 years, Las Vegas musician Brendon Urie's emo-pop band has announced they are "no more" just as Urie prepares to welcome his wife Sarah )'s first child. "Sometimes a journey has to end before a new one can begin...I'm looking forward to my next adventure. That said, I will be closing this chapter of my life and focusing my attention and energy on my family and With panic! At The Disco will no longer exist,” Urie shared on the band’s official Instagram page on January 24.

The project began as a four-piece Blink-182 cover band Panic! at the Disco started by childhood friends and eventually evolved into Urie's solo project. From 2005 to 2013, the band released four albums together. Urie has released three more albums as a solo artist, including 2022's Viva Las Vengeance . "I'm looking forward to playing one last show with everyone in Europe and the UK," Urie wrote, referring to the final leg of the band's "Viva Las Vengeance" tour, which runs until March 2023.

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A mainstay during the early 2000s emo and pop-punk heyday, we dare say its long-time fans were panicking at the news. "My entire teenage years are gone," one user wrote on Twitter.

The timing of their breakup was noted, as in Panic! "Like many others. Disco's original contemporaries recently reunited for live performances, tours and new music. The We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas featured numerous musical acts from this era and referenced one of the band's most famous songs.

Many couldn't help but joke about Yuri's status as the only member of the band, making the disbandment announcement seem like a breakup with himself.

Original members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left the band in 2009 due to creative differences with Urie. For many, this marks the end of the funk! Disco in their eyes.

Still, most wished Yuri well in his new journey and expressed hope that he would soon return to the music industry in another capacity.

RIP Panic! At the disco.