Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively's kids have no idea how famous Taylor Swift is

James, Inez and Betty Reynolds are now Swifties certified. On Nov. 8, Ryan Reynolds opened up about his and wife Blake Lively’s children’s relationship with best friend Taylor Swift on SiriusXM’s Jay "The Jess Cagle Show" revealed that they didn't realize how famous Swift actually was at first. "I think the most exciting thing for them is that for a long time they just thought of Taylor as like an aunt, like a friend of mom and dad, very, very close, almost family," he explained road. "Then one day they go to a concert and say, 'Oh, this isn't a hobby.'"

Now, James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, know how important Swift's music is and celebrate every chance they get. For the release of Swift's new album Midnight , Reynolds and Lively threw their daughters a dance party right after the interview. "It's a religion in our family and they're very excited," he said. "We headed straight to the porch where we were doing a complete dance set to midnight that included swear words. My favorite thing was that a 3-year-old just threw out swear words during the song and had no idea. "

While Reynolds and Lively's children didn't realize Swift's true influence until recently, being Swift is literally in their blood. James appeared on Swift's 2017 album Reputation , appeared as a baby's voice on the intro to "Gorgeous" and even appeared in the album booklet. Of course, parents freaked out when they saw Swift perform the song live and heard James' vocals. "We were very embarrassed," Lively told "Good Morning America." "This is a real, unfiltered version of our terrible stage parent pride."

In 2020, James appeared in Swift's music again, this time joined by her sisters Inez and Betty, after their names were used as characters on her 2020 album Folklore . In fact, the world didn't learn about Reynolds and Lively's third child until nearly a year after her birth, when Swift used the name with James and Inez in the song "Betty." The child was named Betty.

As a result of this subtle announcement, many Swifts believed the singer also revealed the name of Lively and Reynolds' upcoming fourth child in "Midnight ," after she previously used it in "You're Own, Baby." The name Daisy May. However, as Reynolds told "Today" on Nov. 7, the couple never learned the child's gender before birth, so it's unlikely they'll know the child's name yet. That said, he wants another daughter, so there's always a chance it will happen.