Everything You Need to Know About 1989 (Taylor Edition)

Taylor Swift's 1989 style never goes out of style, and her next generation is about to prove it. On August 9, Swift finally announced the release of "1989" (Taylor's version) during the Eras Tour performance in Los Angeles. This was also her last U.S. concert in 2023. The singer has been hinting at re-recording her second Grammy album. Winner of the year for more than two years, dating back to when she released her first "Taylor's Version" album, then she suddenly pivoted and released "Red" (Taylor's Version) Speak now (Taylor version) First.

Of course, there are some hints that Swifties will announce "1989" (TV) on August 9th, mainly because that day is August 9th, which coincides with the album number. Swift slowly adapted to the 1989 announcement during the show, donning new blue outfits during performances of "Speak Now," "Folklore " and "1989" to match her new-age colors.

Before leaving the stage, Swift shared the news on social media, revealing the album cover and explaining why this is her favorite "Tyler version" of the album to date. "Surprise!! 1989 (Taylor's version) is coming to you!" she wrote. "The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways...it's honestly my favorite re-recording I've ever done because 5 From The Vault tracks is insane. I can't believe them I was left behind, but not for long!”

Indeed, it won't be long before Swifties can finally hear 1989 (Taylor's version) . Here's everything you need to know.

1989 (Taylor version) release date

(Tyler's version) will be released on October 27, 2023, as announced during Swift's Los Angeles show on August 9, 1989 . The album will be released nine years after the original 2014 album.

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1989 (Taylor version) Vault Puzzle

On September 19, Swift took advantage of her legion of fans and asked them to decode 89 different puzzles on Google — yes, 89 that matched the album title. The answers to each puzzle are tied to the original era of 1989 , from lyrics to memorable Instagram captions. A total of 33 million puzzles were needed to unlock the title of her 1989 Vault track, but because Swifties don't mess around, the code was cracked the next day.

1989 (Taylor version) track list

On the morning of September 20, Swift revealed the titles of the four "From the Vault" tracks in a Google Vault video: "Is It Over Now?", "Now That We Don't Talk", "Say Don't" Go,” “Is It Over Now?” and “Suburban Legend.” However, there's one more song yet to be revealed, which was teased in a separate Vault video on Swift's Instagram account. The letters coming out of the Blue Vault include "T", "S", "U" and "L", plus two quotation marks and an exclamation point, leading fans to believe the final Vault track was called "Lust!" or "Lust!" woman!"

Hours later, Swift confirmed the answer by sharing the entire tracklist on Twitter. "Thank you for the joy of playing, investigating, solving puzzles, and allowing these to reveal so much chaos," she wrote, adding in parentheses, "After all, it's the best kind of fun." 1989 (Taylor Edition) Total Collection 21 tracks, including re-recordings of 16 well-loved songs from the original album and 5 new tracks from Vault. Please read the full text of "1989" below (Taylor's version) .

  1. "Welcome to New York (Taylor's version)"
  2. "Blank Space (Taylor Version)"
  3. "Style (Taylor's Edition)"
  4. "Getting Out of the Woods (Taylor's Version)"
  5. "All you have to do is stay (Taylor version)"
  6. "Shake It Off (Taylor Version)"
  7. "I Wish You Would (Tyler Version)"
  8. "Bad Blood (Taylor's Version)"
  9. "Wildest Dreams (Tyler Version)"
  10. "How to Get Girls (Taylor's Version)"
  11. "This Love (Taylor Version)"
  12. "I Know the Place (Taylor Version)"
  13. "Clean (Taylor's Version)"
  14. "Wonderland (Taylor's Version)"
  15. "You're in Love (Taylor Version)"
  16. "New Romanticism (Taylor's Edition)"
  17. "'Slut!' (Tyler's version) (from the vault)"
  18. "Say Don't Go (Taylor Version) (From the Vault)"
  19. "Now We Don't Talk (Taylor Version) (From the Vault)"
  20. "Suburban Legend (Taylor Version) (from Vault)"
  21. "Is it over now? (Tyler's version) (from the vault)"

1989 (Taylor version) collaboration

Swift has yet to announce any collaborations with "1989" (Taylor's version) , and if the album's back cover is any indication, there won't be any features. This will mark the first of her "Taylor Edition" albums, as she has featured at least two artists on each of her previous "Taylor Edition" re-recordings of "Fearless ," "Red " and "Speak Now" Featured on the "From the Vault" track.

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Fans thought Nicki Minaj might appear on the show after one of the answers to the 1989 vault mystery was "Sagittarius," with both artists mentioning the word in recent weeks . In August, the rapper tweeted a reference to a post about their shared Billboard Hot 100 record. "Now it's hard for me to resist the urge to say 'Sagittarius,'" she wrote. At the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, Swift continued the possible teasing by calling Minaj her "favorite Sagittarius." However, unless Swift reveals the secret feature before the album's release, this is just another fan theory gone wrong.

1989 (Taylor version) album cover

Along with the release date, Swift also revealed the 1989 (Taylor's version) album cover, which shows her smiling and surrounded by seagulls, a nod to her sweater on the original 1989 cover. Swifties on Twitter were quick to note the significance of the 1989 artwork, noting that it was the first time she'd ever smiled on an album cover.

This article will be updated as more details become available.