The Difference Between Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Merchandise Online and In Person

There's perhaps no better feeling than wearing concert merch as a subtle and humble brag after attending a show, especially when it's a massive event like Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour. As expected, the 32-time Grammy winner excelled on the merch front, launching a range of luxury items that the Beyhive is currently coveting.

Just like Taylor Swift's Eras tour, wearing Renaissance tour merchandise is like a public announcement that you're witnessing one of the most talked about and coveted events of 2023. But unlike the Eras Tour, which has a complex merchandise system and can involve waiting in hours-long lines, purchasing Renaissance Tour merchandise is much easier (especially compared to purchasing actual tickets from Ticketmaster).

Here's your guide to shopping for all your favorite Renaissance World Tour merchandise.

What to buy at the Renaissance Tour merchandise stalls

Staying true to the Renaissance theme, Beyoncé has released a line of futuristic, disco-inspired merchandise that you can only buy in person at her tour stops. Similar to Swift's Time Tour, there is a merchandise truck outside each stadium, which the public is sometimes able to enter without a ticket depending on the venue, and there are multiple merchandise stalls inside the stadium. But thankfully, Bay's merch line isn't as long as Swift's, and for the most part, everything seems to be available no matter where you shop for souvenirs.

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Beyoncé's tour merchandise includes a number of Renaissance- style merchandise T-shirts, including one depicting the mirror ball pony Reneigh from the album cover, as well as several photos of Bey wearing a robot costume. There's also a glow-in-the-dark crew-neck jacket emblazoned with the outline of the tour stage, black and green tracksuits, and a lavish tour show filled with the gorgeous Renaissance visuals the Beyhive has been craving. While these items are currently not available for purchase online, that may change as the tour progresses.

If you're wondering why so many attendees bring tote bags that aren't available at the merch booth, VIP package holders receive exclusive tote bags filled with their own merch, including baseball caps and battery-operated fans that say "fan me” off,” a nod to fan-favorite song “HEATED.”

During her five London shows from May 29 to June 4, Beyoncé set up a temporary merch store at the stadium and a pop-up store in partnership with FLANNELS, both of which sell all tour merchandise as well Some London merchandise. Exclusive items. The singer hasn't announced the same for any North American stops, but for big cities like New York and Los Angeles, similar pop-ups may appear closer to show dates.

What to buy in the Renaissance Tour online store

If you're looking to shop for Renaissance merchandise to get ready for the show, you're in luck. On June 28, Beyoncé partnered with Amazon Music to launch new Renaissance Tour merchandise exclusively online on Amazon. While the launch doesn't include any merchandise sold at the show, it's just the first of four items that "will come to life" throughout the North American tour, which kicks off on July 7 in Toronto, Canada .


The new unisex collection includes T-shirts, tracksuits and an exclusive poster inspired by Renaissance album covers, featuring Bey wearing the era's iconic mirrored cowboy hats and disco attire. All new products are priced between $20 and $80, which means you don't have to break the bank. Plus, all purchases include a 3-month Amazon Music subscription for new subscribers, in case you need to listen to her show for the thousandth time before her Renaissance show.