Taylor Swift explains how she cut her hand during Eras tour amid concerns from fans

Taylor Swift's Eras tour has been a wild ride for her and the Swifties who were lucky enough to get tickets, but it hasn't been all smooth sailing. As Swifties noticed on Twitter and TikTok, Swift injured her wrist during her performance in Houston on April 22. After changing into costume for the show's Reputation portion, she took to the stage to perform "...Ready?" with her wrists visibly bleeding.

During her next quick change after "Look What You Made Me Do," Swift put a bandage on a cut on her hand, but the bandage came loose during the performance of "Enchanted" and into the red. , Swift was seen holding the bandage with her fingers. During the folklore segment, Swift appeared to use duct tape to prevent the bandage from coming off again, then wrapped her hand in two more secure bandages during the 1989 performance and kept it on for the rest of the show.

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Two days later, Swift posted a statement on her social media accounts addressing the incident. After gushing about her "three crazy shows" in Houston, she explained that she cut her hand while running to change. "For those asking how I cut my hand, I'm fine, it's entirely my fault - I tripped over the hem of my skirt while running to change and fell backstage in the dark - holding on to my palms My fall,” she wrote. "This is all coded by Mercury retrograde. Don't worry about me, I'm fine."

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This isn't the first time Swift has had an accident on the Eras Tour, as she's experienced some random glitches, but she's handled them effortlessly. During Swift's April 13 show in Tampa, she missed the now-infamous stage dive that introduced the show's midnight performance because the door didn't open in time. True to form, she just laughed it off and started counting down the seconds as the door opened. Shortly after performing "Lavender Haze," Swift's bejeweled purple garter broke and began to fall off, causing her to walk up to a background singer during "Anti-Hero" and subtly open her mouth to ask for help.

However, Swift isn't letting these mishaps stop her from having fun on her first tour in five years. "I woke up smiling remembering the fun times we had," she wrote of the Houston show. "I'm loving this tour so much because this crowd is so engaged - really can't wait for Atlanta." Eras' next stop on the tour is Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where she will perform on April 28 There will be three performances there until the 30th.