Taylor Swift's 'haunted' piano scares her & her fans as it malfunctions mid-show

Taylor Swift loves the rain show, but not her piano. During her Eras Tour show at Gillette Stadium on May 22 in Foxborough, Massachusetts, while trying to perform the night's second "Secret Song", Swift's piano collapsed due to damage from heavy rain the night before. A malfunction has occurred. As seen in a viral video taken by an attendee, Swift's flower piano played a few wrong notes while she was trying to tune it, and then it derailed and started playing notes on its own, leaving the 12th-Graduate The beauty award winner was completely shocked.

"Oh my gosh, did you hear that? Is this happening to you too?" she asked the crowd. Some fans in the audience thought it was an intentionally comedic introduction to a specific secret song or even a special guest, but when Swift said she was just going to play her second song on guitar, fans Just because we know that doesn't mean it's going to happen. She went on to perform the title track from her 2012 album Red , even saying it worked best because the piano version would be "very sad."

The night before, Swift performed one of her infamous "rain shows," with reports of heavy rain pouring throughout the entire three-hour-plus concert (but not enough to postpone her show in Nashville two weeks earlier) , during the "Secret Song" segment, Swift had to use her body to brush a large pile of water off the top of the piano.

"You know how your fingers get so rough when you take a shower for too long?" she explained to the May 22 crowd. "I looked at my guitar fingers and it felt like I had been in a warm bath for two and a half hours. The other thing that happened was we damaged my keyboard here because it was actually underwater. Yesterday I don't know how these instruments work, so I'm just going to get the guitar and it'll be fine."

Naturally, fans on Twitter started creating Swift-related memes and jokes.

Many Swifties even called the piano "Haunted," a reference to her 2010 Speak Now deep cut "Haunted." Some even suggested she should have used it as an intro to a performance song (while others were relieved she didn't).

Despite the glitches during the show, Swift didn't regret performing in the rain, she said the next morning when she posted photos of the memorable show on social media. "Last night we had a 3.5 hour rain dance in Foxborough, MA!!" she wrote. "We've had rain shows at Gillette Stadium before, but this time the rain came in waves and never let up and I just want to thank that iconic crowd! Love you so much and you don't know it."