Difference Between Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Merch Online and Eras Tour Merch Online In Person

Buying tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras tour has been so difficult that it's prompted a lawsuit that could very well change Ticketmaster as we know it. But believe it or not, there's one thing that's almost as hard to obtain (and apparently maintain): Eras Tour merchandise, which has been plagued by long lines, a slew of online exclusives, and reports of certain items disappearing after purchase. If you play your cards right, though, it's possible to snag Swift merch easily—and maybe even snag some items that no one else at the concert will be getting.

Swift opens her dedicated merch truck to the public in each Eras Tour city the day before each show, offering merchandise to fans who are unable to obtain Eras Tour tickets. However, some fans spent almost as long purchasing merchandise as they did purchasing tickets in November, with queues lasting more than six hours. Some people also camped out and bought boxes of merchandise to resell online, which led Swift's team to place limits on the number of items each person could purchase.

If you have tickets to the show, the lines for merchandise once you enter the stadium won't be as long, but if you want to purchase specific items, you'll need to plan your day ahead of time. If you simply don't want to queue up for Eras Tour merchandise, you're in luck, but only to a point. Swift's online store sells some of the merchandise sold at the show, as well as a variety of apparel, accessories and other themed knick-knacks that are currently only available online. However, a large number of items are only sold at physical merchandise stalls, leading to confusion about what to buy.

Here's a guide to the Swift Eras Tour merchandise, including the whole fading issue.

What to buy at the Eras Tour merchandise stand

Swift sells a variety of T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies on the Eras Tour, most of which are designed with tour posters in various colors, except for one long-sleeved T-shirt that only has a pattern representing Midnights . Some of the most popular pieces, including a half-zip sweatshirt, a navy logo crewneck and a beige hoodie with a black and white tour poster printed on the back, are only sold at the merch truck and not at any merch booths inside the venue . If these are what you're interested in, be sure to purchase them before entering the stadium.

Most of the accessories sold at the show can only be purchased in person, including Eras Tour tote bags, canvas tapestries, water bottles and glow sticks. The only accessory currently available for purchase online is the "Bejeweled" bracelet, which has been available on Swift's online store since October. Each tour stop will also feature a personalized poster with the city name on it, which will also be available for purchase in the online store after the show for a limited time.

What to buy in the Eras Tour online store

Ahead of the Eras tour, Swift released a line of Eras tour merchandise that fans can purchase in advance and wear during the show. Many of the items are similar to those sold at merchandise stands, but there are subtle differences between what's sold online and what's sold in person. For example, a beige T-shirt sold at the stall featured a black and white tour poster graphic, while the T-shirt online was in color, while a navy crewneck sold online was a very similar hoodie. The only t-shirt that is the same online and in person is the black tour poster t-shirt.

The number of items available online is huge compared to what has been sold at the show so far. Swift's store currently sells individual Eras Tour shirts from each era, from her 2006 debut to 2022's Midnights , as well as newly designed outerwear not sold at the show, including an Eras Tour poncho, in case you want In preparation for the rain show, Swift is loving this.

Swifties aren't the only ones taking advantage of this exclusive merch. After Swift performed at a show in Arlington, Texas, on April 1, her friend Selena Gomez donned a pair of Eras Tour sweatpants, which are currently available Available online only.

Selena Gomez, April 2023. Gotham /GC Images/Getty Images

Swift also sells a variety of fun accessories that aren't available at tour venues, including AirPods cases, special Eras blankets, guitar pick-shaped coasters, real guitar picks, and even phone cases with interchangeable frames from each era. As a rule of thumb, it’s easy to spend more on merchandise than on actual tickets, so be sure to plan wisely.

Will your era tour merchandise fade?

After the first show on the Eras Tour, merchandise buyers complained that their T-shirts were fading badly after just one wash. In a statement from Swift's online store, the merchandise team explained that the "slight fading" is intentional for the "distressed, vintage look of the product" and is a result of the "special ink curing process" used on the shirts result. "Also, please note that when washing and drying items, be sure to follow the product care instructions listed on the product label to best protect and preserve the look and feel of the product," they wrote.

However, if buyers notice "significant pigment loss or ink bleeding" on the shirt, Swift's team will offer exchanges, just contact taylorswift@umgstores.com to see if their situation falls under the exchange policy.