Justin Bieber defends Frank Ocean's controversial Coachella show

On April 15, Grammy Award winner Frank Ocean returned to the stage for the first time in six years to bring the highly anticipated Coachella music event. During the show, Orson performed a series of hits including "Novacane," "Crack Rock," "White Ferrari" and "Self-Control." However, the singer-songwriter's performance sparked an online backlash after the YouTube livestream was canceled without reason. Festivalgoers were also unhappy with Ocean's late arrival to the stage and lack of available merchandise, while some fans described his performance as "lackluster."

However, Justin Bieber came to the defense of Ocean's Coachella headliner on Instagram and said he was "shocked" by the controversial performance. "His artistry is unparalleled, his style, his taste, his voice, his attention to detail," Bieber wrote in the caption. "I was deeply touched. It makes me want to keep moving forward and become a better artist. He continued to set the bar high and gave me a night I will never forget! Thank you Frank."

According to The Independent , Orson injured his ankle during Coachella rehearsals in preparation for his stellar performance at the festival, forcing major changes to the show's overall production. Sources also revealed to Variety that the original set was supposed to include an ice rink with skaters. However, this part of the show was reportedly canceled before the show.

As mentioned, some fans were quick to express their disappointment with Ocean's highly anticipated appearance at Coachella. However, like Bieber, many defended the divisive caption.

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"I loved Frank's performance last night. Different is not a bad thing. The unexpected is what art is about," one fan wrote on Twitter. “Honestly, I loved Frank Ocean’s chaotic set,” another fan said of the performance, while one fan asked: “I was the only one at Coachella who liked Frank Ocean’s set ?"