Jennifer Lopez Shares Ben Affleck's New 2023 Wedding Photos

Heading into 2023, Bennifer is still going strong. Jennifer Lopez ushered in the new year and celebrated her favorite part of the year by sharing new photos from her wedding to Ben Affleck on Instagram on January 1 time. "2022 is one of the best years yet!!!" she captioned the post. “I can’t wait for what’s to come next year.”

In the video, J.Lo arranges photos from each month in chronological order, including photos from the couple's two ceremonies. At their July wedding in Las Vegas, she shared a photo of her and Affleck posing in a vintage pink convertible at the church where they first got married. The following month, she released new photos from their official wedding at Affleck's home in Savannah, Georgia, including one showing her in her full wedding dress while sitting on a chariot.

The singer also shared photos from their April 2022 engagement, including a close-up of her now-iconic green diamond engagement ring. In other snaps and clips, we can see her trying on a wedding dress and looking at concept art for the August ceremony. Of course, her children with ex-husband Marc Anthony, 14-year-old twins Emmy and Max, also appeared in the video alongside Affleck's children Violet, Serafina and Samuel, proving their family What a harmony.

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Lopez and Affleck romantically reunited in April 2021, 18 years after calling off their first engagement, and dated for a year before getting engaged again in April 2022. The couple initially kept quiet about the reconciliation, but the actor regularly surprises her fans looking back on her new chapter, first revealing her marriage and engagement to fans via her "On the JLo" newsletter.

Luckily for fans, Bennifer's content is only going to become more frequent this year. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the release of her third studio album This Is Me...Then , Lopez announced that her upcoming album will be a sequel titled This Is Me...Now , The album was heavily inspired by her first relationship with Affleck. through their reconciliation. The album will be released sometime in 2023 and will feature 13 new songs with titles including "Dear Ben pt." II, "Crazy Love" and "The Greatest Love Story Never Told" show fans are about to get a bigger peak in Bennifer's life than ever before.