Taylor Swift accidentally eats her surprise guest on Eras tour

Maren Morris isn't the only surprise guest on Taylor Swift's Eras tour this weekend. On June 4, Swift accidentally swallowed a bug while performing her third show at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. Naturally, Twitter not only laughed at the mishap but was jealous of the bug because it had better seats to watch the show than they did.

During the performance of "Forever ," Swift turned away from the audience and began coughing. "I swallowed a bug and I'm sorry," she explained to laughter from the crowd. She continued to struggle and tried to cough up the small animal. "Oh, that's delicious," she said sarcastically. "Is it possible that none of you saw this?" Finally, she admitted the mistake. "It's okay, it's okay - I've swallowed it," she said. "Okay, so I'm going to try not to do that much. There will be times like this, there are so many bugs. There's a thousand of them. Anyway, it's fun."

Video of the incident quickly went viral on Twitter, with Swifties praising the singer's sense of humor and envying the bug's unique experience.

The 12-time Grammy winner experienced other difficulties earlier in the show - albeit much more serious than inhaling insects. Before performing "Lover," Swift's microphone stopped working, and she handled the issue in the most professional way possible — miming a scream and making silly, annoying faces at the crowd as she tried to fix the mic. . The crowd started chanting "Taylor" to fill the silence, and she took an ecstatic bow before one of her staff members saved the day with a backup microphone. "Let's start over. None of this happened," she said, pointing to the crowd.

The Eras tour proved Swift is a master at handling onstage mishaps, from wardrobe malfunctions to piano malfunctions. Most recently, Swift had to abandon her piano during her May 21 show in Foxborough, Massachusetts, after her "rain show" the night before caused the piano to start playing on its own. "Oh my gosh, did you hear that? Is this happening to you too?" she asked, before picking up her guitar and playing her second secret song of the night. The magic of live music, y’all.