Swifties Believe Taylor Swift Will Announce '1989' (Taylor's Version) on August 9th

Taylor Swift may soon be taking us back to 1989. Swifties believe the singer will most likely announce "1989" (Tyler's version) on August 9th (aka 8/9, the same number as 1989 ). Swift has been brewing for more than two years to re-record her 2014 Grammy-winning album of the year before first releasing two more "Tyler Editions." But she will play the final U.S. show of her Eras tour (until 2024) in Los Angeles on August 9, creating the perfect environment for her 1989 debut.

In addition to the perfect dates, Swift is set to make a big announcement during her Eras Tour show, announcing that "Speak Now" (Tyler's version) will be released in Nashville on May 5 and premiere in New Jersey on May 26. her "Karma" music video and revealed her "I Can See You" video took place in Kansas City on July 7. These events took place during the first show in these cities, which is why some fans thought she would announce 1989 at the August 3rd show, but you can't deny the August 9th reveal. Synergy. (The truth wasn't completely lost on August 3, though, as Swift revealed 2024 North American tour dates that day.)

Swift's use of numerology in her Easter eggs is well-documented, especially when it comes to her lucky number 13. The numbers add up to almost too much perfection for this theory. Sharp-eyed Swifties discovered that August 9, 2023, is exactly eight years, nine months and 13 days from the first release on October 27, 2014, 1989 . A total of 3,208 days equals 3 + 2 + eight? 13. Additionally, Swift removed her Speak Now (TV) Instagram Story tag on July 27 and changed her social media profile photos, a sign that sometimes suggests a new era is coming. As pointed out on Twitter, there are exactly 13 days between July 27th and August 9th.

If this theory proves to be accurate, Swift predicts that "1989" will be released on October 13th (in line with her lucky number) or October 27th (which happens to be the show's 9th anniversary) Released. album. Both potential dates fall on Friday, which is when most major music releases occur, including several of Swift's past albums. There is also a theory that Swift will reduce its reputation (Taylor version) In the 1989 (television) era, that meant we were probably going to have two new albums out soon.

On the evening of August 9th, Swift will reveal whether Swift is the real mastermind, or if they're indulging in the farce of this theory.