Taylor Swift Just Proved She's a Witcher Fan Obsession

Now there's more evidence that Taylor Swift's witchcraft is working in ways she couldn't have imagined, and fans are totally fine with it. On Nov. 13, the singer posted a clip from her Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires, which proves she might just be a wizard and Swifties are losing their minds.

In fan video filmed at the Nov. 9 show, Swift performed "Labyrinth," from her 2022 album Midnight , on the piano as her second secret song of the night. At the end of the chorus, she sings: "I thought the plane was going to crash, how do you make it turn around."

At that moment, the camera rose and a commercial airline jet soared over the stadium before beginning its descent, just as she describes in the song. (Can you imagine the view of the Eras Tour stage from that plane?)

"Never beaten a witchcraft accusation," Swift captioned the video, along with an emoji of a plane landing between two star emojis.

How did the Swifties react?

Naturally, Swifties on X (formerly Twitter) went crazy over Swift's newfound witchy skills in her X reply. “Taylor Swift Witch Confirmed,” joked a Brazilian fan account, with one commenting, “You planned this somehow,” and another account quipped, “The plane is a paid actor. "

"When you plot a little too much..." the Eras Tour Resell account replied, while another fan account joked, "We'll never beat the cult accusations."

One Swift immediately added this title to Swift's resume: "Singer, songwriter, director, doctor, wizard."

Swift's witchy tendencies

In a reply, one fan noted that Swift's "willow spellcasting paid off." In fact, in her music video for "willow," she briefly observed a campfire voodoo ritual that carried over into the Times tour.

Taylor Swift 2023 TAS2023/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Swift begins her performance of the timeless single by chanting "Wait for the signal, I'll see you after dark," as if it's a dark mantra. Crossing the bridge, she and her dancers began a full dance break, reminiscent of an elaborate voodoo ritual, complete with lanterns.

Of course, many fans responded to the airplane video with GIFs of her performance, with one Swiftie calling it "taywitchcraft," and another declaring "Summon airplane assholes!" as a nod to one of the fans' crafted Eras Tour songs .