Megan Thee Stallion Pays Tribute to OG Mean Girls in "Not My Fault" Video

There's a new queen bee in the Mean Girls universe. After collaborating with Reneé Rapp on the song "Not My Failure," Megan Thee Stallion landed the role of Regina George in the music video . They posted the video on January 5, and Meghan was quick to share photos of herself wearing classic looks from the OG movie.

Greater Regina Energy Corporation

For years, Meghan described herself as a "Black Regina George." She does it again on "Not My Fault," rapping, "It's funny how this mean girl opens all the doors/I was told y'all I'm black Regina George." To really drive home the point. , she wore the original Regina's (Rachel McAdams) signature look at North Shore High and beyond: a white tank top with a cutout at the chest, paired with a purple bra.

"It wouldn't be me if I didn't cause a ruckus," Meghan captioned a photo of her music video on Instagram, quoting lyrics from the song. She then added another Mean Girls reference: "Put on the hot girls, we're going to watch @meangirls."

Just in case anyone didn't understand her homage to the original "Mean Girls," Meghan included a still from the 2004 comedy. It shows the moment after McAdams' character Regina puts on a tank top in the girls' locker room, sees someone (ahem, Lizzy Caplan's Janice Ian) cut holes in the tank top, and Not affected at all.

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"Welcome to plastic"

Many fans love the throwback to 2004's Mean Girls . "I recognized it instantly," one person wrote in the comments, while another added, "You can't help being popular." Mean Girls' official Instagram account also gave Meghan the seal of approval The seal: "Welcome to Plastic, Hot Girl." It previously identified her as "You're Black Regina George" in a comment on a Dec. 20 post.

Rapp, who plays Regina in the upcoming "Mean Girls ," expressed his admiration for Meghan while filming the music video. Meghan posted behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot on December 20, including one showing a card she received from her fellow artist.

"I fucking love you Meg," Rapp wrote. "Thank you for being on this journey with me, your friendship and collaboration means the world every step of the way."

In the words of Meghan in another Instagram caption promoting the song, "@meangirls made the right choice in recruiting a Black woman, Regina George, to write this song."

The 2024 musical " Mean Girls" will be released on January 12.