Ed Sheeran pays tribute to 'brother' Jamal Edwards with touching song

Nearly a year after his death, Ed Sheeran pays tribute to music pioneer Jamal Edwards with a brand new song. F64 track released on SB. TV — a British online platform founded by Edwards and on which Sheeran appeared early in his career.

According to the BBC, the music video for the song was filmed at Stamford Bridge Stadium to commemorate Edwards' lifelong support for Chelsea Football Club, and features Sheeran standing amid a ring of candles at the stadium with the words "JA" written on the seats. Mal's name.

"All I want to do is talk about you, but these tears won't let me talk about you," Sheeran raps in the emotional tribute. "We should have known we would be lost without you."

The song's lyrics continue: "We cried at your house for nine nights...all week with your mom, trying to understand but I couldn't, and even though it's been a year, my heart still hurts."

Jamal's mother, Brenda Edwards, recently recalled on Good Morning Britain that Sheeran stayed with her "for a whole week" after her son's tragic death in February 2022.

"After Jamal passed away, he stayed at my house with me and Tanisha (her daughter) for a whole week just to take care of us," she shared. “If we needed anything, he helped us with everything.”

Meanwhile, Edwards told BBC Radio 5 Live on January 19 that she was determined to carry on her son's legacy. "He had a big heart and he gave a lot to a lot of people," she shared. "I was honored to spend time with Jamal, he inspires me every day and his legacy continues to inspire me and so many others."